Face-to-Face Tutoring

Our premier service is the face-to-face conference with a trained tutor who will read your work with a fresh pair of eyes. You can make an appointment here.

Writers and communicators often get so close to their work that it becomes difficult to see where to go next. Center for Writing and Communication (CWC) tutors will read your work and give you a sounding board for developing ideas, rethinking organization, creating focus, expanding research techniques, and more.

Writing is meant to be read, so it is helpful to make use of an outside reader as you develop your projects. Writing becomes stronger as you make use of sound feedback in the revision process.

Likewise, communication usually goes through both a writing and delivery process.  Having a second pair of eyes on your development and delivery of a presentation gives you insight into how an audience will receive your message.

We encourage you to make use of the CWC throughout the writing and delivery process:

  • Talk through ideas before you get started
  • Receive feedback as you begin a first draft
  • Bring back as many drafts as you like
  • Consult with a trained reader about sentence-level issues such as grammar and editing
  • Practice your delivery with a trained audience