How To Make an Appointment



You can make an appointment in one of several ways:

  • Call (501) 450-5123;
  • Drop by Thompson 109;
  • Access our online scheduler and make an appointment from your own computer.



Types of Appointments

At the Center for Writing and Communication (CWC) we have many different types of sessions, all suited to fit your needs. We believe in the importance of the writing and communication methods of the student, and so the type of session is up to you!

We offer face-to-face tutoring, where you can sit one-on-one with a trained consultant; online tutoring, similar to face-to-face tutoring but in email or instant message form; presentation tutoring, where we offer assistance with the construction and delivery of presentations; job interview tutoring, where we can help you prepare; GRE tutoring; and the CWC Hotline, a hotline for quick writing questions.

Click the links below for more information on the different types of tutoring.