Lunch & Learn Events


The CTE presents a series of Lunch & Learn events throughout the year.  This is a format of instructional development facilitated by faculty and staff for faculty. These events are hosted in the Presidential Dining Room and attendees are provided lunch in the Christian Cafeteria. Access to the Presidential Dining Room is found through the side entry under the black awning at the southwest corner of Christian Cafeteria.

Lunch & Learn Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday lunches begin at 12:15 and end around 1:20. Monday/Wednesday/Friday lunches begin at 12:00 and end around 12:50. You are welcomed to come early or stay late if needed.

Learning and Serving in the “Real World”: Reflections from Service-Learning Faculty Fellows

Date: Thursday, January 17th at 12:15 p.m.
Instructional Theme: Pedagogy, Diversity & Inclusion
Facilitator: Lesley Graybeal

Description: Join Lesley Graybeal, Director of Service-Learning, to learn what makes service-learning a unique and effective form of experiential learning, including best practices and campus resources available for partnership development, risk management, and assessment of service-learning outcomes. Recent Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Sunny Styles-Foster (Teaching & Learning) and Zach Smith (History) will provide their reflections and insights for faculty interested in learning more about service-learning pedagogy.

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Quicksand or Concrete: Organizing for Successful Group Work 

Date: Wednesday, January 30th at 12:00 p.m.
Instructional Theme: FYS, Pedagogy, Online Teaching, Diversity & Inclusion
: Candice Barnes
DescriptionOrganizing for group work takes a fair amount of planning beyond random student selection.  It is essential to consider interdependence, group accountability, norms and expectations, and managing conflict, just to name a few elements.  This presentation will provide a process and strategies to facilitate a collaborative culture for group work and a structure to organize effective groups.

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The Power and Potential of Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Date: Tuesday, February 12th at 12:15 p.m.
Instructional Theme:  Pedagogy 
: Chad Lairamore
Description: The ability to reciprocally work in interprofessional teams is essential for effective collaboration; however, students in higher education are often trained exclusively in silos.  Join an interprofessional group of faculty for an active learning session where we will use a “liberating structure” (appreciative interviewing) to guide participants to a better understanding of what is essential for successful interprofessional team training and generate spontaneous momentum and insights for positive change at UCA.

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Key Elements of an Inclusive Classroom: Climate, Curriculum, & Coaching

Date: Monday, February 25th at 12:00 p.m.
Instructional Theme: Pedagogy, Diversity & Inclusion
: Angela Webster
Description: Together, we will engage in reflective activities that help us to create a welcoming classroom atmosphere; integrate diversity in the course content; and provide instruction with positive principles, language, and questions that honor and engage students’ life aspirations. The session will highlight constructs such as assumptions, expectations, and fairness.

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Experiential Learning Across the Disciplines Series: College of Liberal Arts

Date: Thursday, March 7th at 12:15 p.m.
Instructional Theme: Pedagogy, Online Teaching
Facilitator: Amy Hawkins, CLA Faculty Panel
Description: Experiential learning includes a wide variety of pedagogical methods that involve students learning by doing and reflecting on their experiences (e.g., service-learning, internships, undergraduate research, etc.). Join the College of Liberal Arts as we feature innovative approaches to experiential learning among our CLA faculty colleagues.  Ultimately, the purpose of this series is to highlight commonalities and experiential learning best practices across the disciplines at UCA.

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Lived Experiences of UCA Students of Color

Date: Tuesday, March 26th at 12:15 p.m.
Instructional Theme: Pedagogy, Diversity & Inclusion
Facilitator: Angela Webster
Description: By interacting with a panel of historically underrepresented students and international students, we will gain insight about their unique challenges such as the UCA campus climate, classroom and curriculum dynamics, personal interactions with faculty, in addition to faculty expectations, and opportunities faculty provide. We will also hear from students how faculty can contribute to increased retention and graduation rates among the aforementioned student groups.

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