Respondus 4.0 Test Creation Software

Do you have the need to create an exam or survey for both a distance course and a face-to-face class?  Or do you need to create multiple versions of an exam (print or online)?  Maybe you just don’t like the format for creating questions in Blackboard and would like to try a new test creation software that will upload your completed exam to Blackboard with all of your exam settings complete.

You can do all of this and more with the Respondus 4.0 software.  This software is free to download and use for all UCA faculty.  For download information go to  For questions regarding how to use this software, contact Vicki Parish in the Center for Teaching Excellence at or 450-5059.

Remember, there is a training/demonstration of Respondus 4.0 and Lockdown Browser this Thursday, April 7, during X-period (1:40-2:30).  To register for this training, contact Sylvia in the IDC at 450-5240 or