Faculty Media Library

Are you thinking about the possibility of teaching an online class?  What about adding an online component to your face-to-face class?  Maybe you just want to be prepared in case you are asked to move a course online some day in the future.

Whatever your circumstance, know that the IDC maintains a Faculty Media Library that includes books and videos to meet your teaching needs and desires.  We have a great collection of the Jossey-Bass Guides to Online Teaching and Learning series books.  We also have a collection of all of the past Starlink videos and other Teaching and Learning videos.  In addition to books and videos about online learning, there is a plethora of books and videos available on good teaching and learning in general.

Anything in the Faculty Media Library can be checked out by faculty by contacting the IDC at idc@uca.edu or 450-5240.  For a list of available titles, see the Faculty Media Library page on the IDC website.