UCA Community Music Institute

The UCA Community Music Institute’s Mission:

To provide non-credit music instruction to students of all ages in applied lessons and class activities through our Community School of Music
* To support educational fine arts standards by providing private and group instruction for students in school districts lacking teachers in certain areas of applied music
* To foster the creation and study of music in the Central Arkansas area
* To make the pursuit of musical studies accessible for all, regardless of age, socio-economic class, skill level, etc.
* To facilitate educational experience for our students in the Music Department, by providing them with the tools and opportunity to provide private lesson instruction
* To give assistance to our department, our university, and our community as a whole in fostering an appreciation of music and the arts.

The UCA Community Music Institute makes an effort to stay continuously informed on best community music practices, so that we may better serve our clients. One way we do this is through membership to professional organizations. We are a member of Sound Sense, a professional organization for community musicians which provides continuing education, and also advocates for the place of community music in society.