Business Chinese Certificate Class for COB students

From June 3rd to 23rd, 15 students from the College of Business will travel to East China Normal University for a three-week exchange study. In order to help students better adapt to the life and study in Shanghai and have a general understanding of Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute has conducted a business Chinese course which focuses on the communicative survival skills of the Spoken Chinese, Business and Cultural perspectives for the students. The course includes Survival Chinese, Business etiquette in China and Life in Shanghai. Through the course, the students are able to use appropriate expressions on the polite social occasion of greeting, introduction, apology, appreciation, shopping, traveling, etc. What’s more, they’ve got a glimpse of Chinese etiquette to avoid cultural shocks and some practical tips for a nice trip to Shanghai. A certificate was issued to each student after they complete the whole course.


New resources: Crystal Guo and Dr. Yumin Xiao

Experiencing Chinese culture at the Arkansas Foreign Language Competition

March 30th, Chinese teachers from UCA CI went to Hendrix college to participate in the 2019 Arkansas Middle School Foreign Language Competition, which sent a unique Chinese cultural experience to the students. The various cultural activities, including Chinese tattoos, kicking scorpions, Chinese calligraphy, and receiving Chinese names, which provide an opportunity for the students to know and understand Chinese culture. These activities are welcomed and loved by many students, parents and teachers.


News sources: Crystal Guo and Dr. Yuming Xiao

The 18th Chinese Bridge Competition

On March 12, 2019, the preliminary contest for the 18the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for college students was held in the University of Central Arkansas by UCA Confucius Institute. Students shared their own stories of traveling and studying Chinese in China. Each participant gave a speech in Chinese on how her interests in Chinese language and culture got developed. The contest provided students an opportunity to show their proficiency in Chinese language and to enhance their understanding of the Chinese language and culture. UCA Confucius Institute will recommend the top prize winner to participate in the second round of competition to be held in April in New Orleans.

News source: Grace Zhang

2019 Spring Chinese Immersion Camp

From March 8th to March 10th, UCACI had a 3-day Chinese immersion camp. There were 26 students from UCA and Hendrix came together to learn Chinese over the weekend.

On the evening of the 8th, CI teachers and students arrived at Mount Eagle. That night, the students and teachers enjoyed hotpot for dinner, some trying it for the first time. While enjoying the hotpot, many students learned new words about food.

After dinner, the teachers and students introduced themselves in Chinese and played icebreaker games to help build friendships.

On the morning of the 9th, the CI teachers separated the students into different groups to participate in different Chinese-related activities, such as competitions on who can form the most words with one radical, who can make the most sentences from one word, and playing charades in Chinese. One of the students’ favorite activities was the treasure hunt. Students would hide clues in Chinese, while the other students would seek the prize: White Rabbit Candy.

During the afternoon, students had free time. Some students went hiking along the mountain, others stayed inside to play games with each other. After free time, the students and teachers came together again to play more games.

The teachers and students joined together to make dumplings for dinner. After eating, the teachers held a Chinese tea ceremony for the students, introducing the different steps for how to make tea. Students found this activity very interesting, and many of the students tried performing the tea ceremony themselves.

On the morning of the 10th, teachers encouraged the students to keep studying Chinese and to try to learn more about Chinese culture by attending the cultural activities and exchange programs that UCACI offers throughout the year.

The immersion camp aroused the students’ interests in Chinese culture and provided an opportunity for students to learn more Chinese through games and activities.


News sources: Sylvia Mao and Grace Zhang

UCA Confucius Institute 2019 Arkansas Chinese teacher Workshop

On March 8th, 2019, UCA’s Confucius Institute held Arkansas’s 2019 Chinese Teacher Workshop in Little Rock. CI invited Dr. Helen Hu from UCA and other Chinese teachers from across Arkansas to attend the workshop. Together, they discussed the technology and methods of teaching Chinese.

Dr. Hu gave a presentation about the technology for teaching Chinese. She analyzed the ASSURE Model, which analyzes learners, state standard and objectives, selecting strategies, technology, media and materials, utilizing technology, requiring learners’ participation, and evaluating and revising.

While introducing technology, Dr. Hu showed several interesting and useful teaching applications such as, Toondoo (creates cartoons), Voice Thread (records teachers’ and students’ voices), and Google Applications like Kahoot and Quizizz which were useful for the teaching of Chinese culture. Dr. Hu also explained that all kinds of media and videos can help Chinese teachers, and she showed how to evaluate teaching videos.

After Dr. Hu’s presentation, high school Chinese teachers came and shared their teaching methods and experiences with the workshop. The teachers learned a lot from the workshop and were excited to apply their new knowledge in their Chinese classrooms.


News sources: Joyce Wang and Grace Zhang

2019 Chinese New Year Gala

Evening of Feb. 23rd, UCACI held their annual Spring Festival Gala in the Student Center Ballroom.

There were many red lanterns, firecrackers, Chinese knots, and “福” (blessings) present in the ballroom that night. Also present were tables for the audience, each of which had sunflower seeds, Chinese candy, fruits, and biscuits offered as snacks. A pair of couplets written by Dr. Zhuang for the Spring Festival hung on both sides of the stage. The couplets describe flowers blooming together as spring came to the whole world.

The first program was a dance, called, “A Thousand Years”. Next, Dr. Marisa Ann Colon Corsino from UCA’s Department of Music sang, “I Love You, China”. Dr. Hongqing Li, a visiting scholar from Nanchang University in China, sang, “On the Field of Hope”. Students from UCA’s Chinese classes performed “A Little Happiness”, “The Girl Next Door”, “Blue and White Porcelain”, “Sugar”, “Sailor Moon”, and “The Girl in Daban”. Exchange students from East China Normal University and students from UCA’s Department of Music performed, “String Quartet Going Westward” and “Spring Festival Overture”. A former UCA student performed “Nuchaku”, and children from UCA’s Chinese Community Language School performed “Gongxi Gongxi”. During the gala, audience members also had the opportunity to win calendars and Dr. Zhuang’s calligraphy during a game and raffle.

After the performances finished, everyone gathered together to eat a dinner of Chinese food.

This gala brought professors, students, and other friends of CI together to enjoy the performances and Chinese food as a celebration of the Spring Festival.


News sources: Sylvia Mao and Grace Zhang


Charm of Hangzhou – Chinese Culture Exhibition

On February 11, Confucius Institute at UCA holds Charm of Hangzhou – Exhibition of Hangzhou’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, displaying manufacturing techniques and products of Hangzhou Embroidery, Wangxingji Fan, Fuyang Bamboo Paper, Woodblock Printing, Fuyang Paper Umbrella, Boxwood Carving, Traditional Theatrical Costumes, and playing Silk and Bamboo Music. Over 300 students, staff and faculty from UCA, Conway High School, Wynne High School, Bentonville High School, North Little Rock High School, as well as local residents attend the exhibition.


News resources: Joyce and Grace.

2019 New Year Reception for UCA Faculty and Staff

February 11th, the Confucius Institute at the University of Central Arkansas invited all the faculties, staffs and CI’s friends to get together and celebrate the Chinese New Year. The reception was hosted by Dr. Zhuang, director of CI, who expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone for their support and affirmation for CI. Dr. Bailey, Associate Vice President for International Education and Engagement, and Dr. Patricia, Provost of UCA, attended the reception and gave important speeches. Dr. Patricia also shared her experiences in China. For the reception, CI invited the artists from Hangzhou to give a wonderful performance. Everyone enjoyed and were immersed in it.


News resource: Sylvia Mao

2016 Chinese-Bridge Summer Camp for Arkansas High School Students

2016 Chinese Bridge-Summer Camp

Open to High School Students

July 15th to 31st, 2016  

Get ready for the most awesome summer adventure of your life!


We are looking for 10-20 excellent and deserving students to join us on this amazing two-week trip in Shanghai and other historical/natural sites and learning Chinese language and culture—-for free!


  1. American citizen;
  2. High school students, age between 14 and 18, grades from 9 to 12;
  3. Non-Chinese learning background and less than 3 years of Chinese learning experiences;
  4. Have great interests in Chinese language and culture;
  5. Healthy enough for international travel;
  6. Be willing to participate in all summer camp activities and comply with requirements.


Deadline for registration: March 31st, 2016 (extended to Apr. 11th


Program Fee:

Confucius Institute will be responsible for the cost in China including food, accommodation and group activities. Students and chaperons will be responsible for international travel fees, international insurance, visa application fees and so on. Registration fee will be $50 for each student.


For more information and registration contact us at:

501-852-0063   Ms. Ava Jiang

501-852-5219   Ms. Lucy Lu

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