2016 Chinese-Bridge Summer Camp for Arkansas High School Students

2016 Chinese Bridge-Summer Camp

Open to High School Students

July 15th to 31st, 2016  

Get ready for the most awesome summer adventure of your life!


We are looking for 10-20 excellent and deserving students to join us on this amazing two-week trip in Shanghai and other historical/natural sites and learning Chinese language and culture—-for free!


  1. American citizen;
  2. High school students, age between 14 and 18, grades from 9 to 12;
  3. Non-Chinese learning background and less than 3 years of Chinese learning experiences;
  4. Have great interests in Chinese language and culture;
  5. Healthy enough for international travel;
  6. Be willing to participate in all summer camp activities and comply with requirements.


Deadline for registration: March 31st, 2016 (extended to Apr. 11th


Program Fee:

Confucius Institute will be responsible for the cost in China including food, accommodation and group activities. Students and chaperons will be responsible for international travel fees, international insurance, visa application fees and so on. Registration fee will be $50 for each student.


For more information and registration contact us at:

501-852-0063   Ms. Ava Jiang  avauca@gmail.com

501-852-5219   Ms. Lucy Lu xhlu@uca.edu

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