Experience the Art of Chinese Painting, Feel the Charm of Chinese Medicine

On Sep. 15th,  2015, an interesting activity related to Chinese Culture named Experiencing Acupuncture, was held in Torreyson West, UCA by the Confucius Institute.  Ms. Jiang, a CI teacher, was the presenter. She inherited her skillset from Li Xianzhi,  the founder of the northern school of TCM.  She hoped that American students could have personal contact with TCM and come to accept it.

The activity was prefaced by the introduction of the famous movie “Skin-scraping”. This helped students realize the difference between Chinese and American medicinal culture. The purpose of this activity was to eliminate some of the misconceptions about TCM, while demonstrating its profoundness at the same time. First, Ms. Jiang explained some basic theories of TCM. Then, taking a panda doll as a patient, she demonstrated some basic acupuncture skills and taught students some simple but effective ways to release stress and pain using skin-scraping and massage.  When the students were asked who wanted to experience skin-scraping and massage, the students were so excited that they competed to participate. Due to the enthusiasm of the students, the scheduled one-hour activity was extended to almost two hours. Some students still wanted to experience it even after the activity.

All of the students who were attracted by this activity were from different majors. Some of them had learned Chinese before while others were seeing Chinese acupuncture the first time. We were told that they had heard of TCM before but had never seen it in person, and it was an amazing experience. After being massaged and having his skin scraped, a male student was pleasantly shocked to realize that he could not find the proper word to describe the feeling of it. While the feeling was beyond words, it was nonetheless “relaxing and comfortable.”

IMG_2922中医 2

This has been the second activity hosted by the Chinese Culture Club. Before this, Ms. Liu, a CI teacher from the Art Department of Xuzhou Normal School, demonstrated Chinese painting. She taught some basic painting skills to students, focusing on how to paint bamboo, which is “one of the three durable plants in winter.” After this activity, students took their own paintings back home.


Other than the Chinese Culture Club activities, Chinese table was launched this week as well. During Chinese Table, students can not only learn Chinese outside of the classroom, but can also learn how to use it by playing games. These activities and games attracted many Chinese learners and involved some non-Chinese learners as well, as it required them to learn their first bits of Chinese for a prize.  Students said they loved this new form of learning Chinese and are now looking forward to further activities.

Chinese Table and Chinese Culture Club are going to bring forth wonderful activities in the coming three months this semester. By doing so, the Chinese Culture Club will ensure that American students will see the Chinese language as a blend of ancient and modern culture, as well as different but not difficult to learn.