Confucius Institute Day Celebrated at University of Central Arkansas

To join the celebration of Confucius Institute Day worldwide, UCA Confucius Institute held a series of activities from Sep. 25th to Oct. 3rd, 2015.

This year the theme of Confucius Institute Day is Peace and Understanding. The celebration began with Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on Sept.25th. The event was sponsored by UCACI and Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA).

From Sep. 28th on, UCACI held a week long photo exhibition entitled “The Flying Tigers in China” illustrating the Sino-US efforts to fight against Japanese invaders. It was followed by a lecture on “The Flying Tigers and China” given by Dr. Guo-ou Zhuang, director of UCACI. Then a documentary “Why We Fight—Battle of China” was showed on the movie night of Oct. 1st,2015

Oct. 2nd witnessed the highlight of the celebration in front of the Old Main Hall from 9 am to 4pm. Not only UCA community but also high school students from several school districts participated in a series of cultural activities. They were first entertained by Chinese classical music performed by exchange students from East China Normal University. Then a Chinese popular dance “Little Apple” was performed by Chinese learners from Wynne high school students. Conway High School students impressed the participants greatly when they recited in chorus a famous ancient Chinese poem. Chinese cultural activities like appreciating Chinese knots, panda dolls and Peking Opera masks, playing Chinese chess and shuttlecock, writing calligraphy, wearing Chinese traditional clothes, guessing riddles and tasting Chinese food provided an excellent experience for American students. Among all these activities, getting their Chinese name in calligraphy and their portrait in Chinese ink painting were most popular. Students were waiting in long line in order to get the “coolest” gift they have ever received.

On Oct. 3rd, UCACI demonstrated Chinese art and culture in the annual Conway ArtsFest in Simon Park, in downtown Conway. Getting a Chinese name and portrait painting still attracted much attention of local residents.

On the evening of Oct 3rd, “A Night of Chinese Music” held in Reynolds Performance Hall at UCA marked the end of the celebration. The concert turned out to be a very successful cultural event. It was co-sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters, UCA Confucius Institute, and Nanjing University Traditional Instruments Orchestra. This music feast not only attracted faculty, staff and students from UCA, but also residents from Conway and Little Rock.

Confucius Institute Day celebration attracted about 1000 people. It was a real feast to attendants and also a bridge between China and America.

中秋月饼 2015.9.29 2015孔子学院日活动

飞虎队讲座2015 孔院日