Facilities and Rates

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Brewer-Hegeman Conference Room 101
Room 101 Rate: $200/day

Brewer-Hegeman Conference Room 103
Room 103 Rate: $150/day

Brewer-Hegeman Conference Rooms 112, 114 or 112/114
Room 112 or 114 Rate: $200/day
Rooms 112/114 Rate: $400/day

Brewer-Hegeman Conference Rooms 111, 113 or 111/113
Room 111 or 113 Rate: $250/day
Rooms 111/113 Rate: $500/day

McAlister Mirror Room
McAlister Mirror Room Rate: $300/day

McCastlain Ballroom

McCastlain Ballroom
McCastlain Ballroom Rate: $750/day

Fireplace Room

McCastlain Fireplace Room
McCastlain Fireplace Room Rate: $150/day

Campus Facilities Rate Sheet (Y2019) 

FY19 Rental Rate Sheet

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Cancellation Policy

A fee of $100 or 25% of total estimated charges, whichever is greater, may be applied if cancellation is requested within 45 days of the scheduled event.  Any related direct costs associated with your event are the responsibility of the user(s).  User(s) will be invoiced for all charges.  Click here to view General Policy Statement.