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Requirements for the B.S. Degree in Computer Science

The Objectives of Our Undergraduate Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program is accredited by the ABET, and has a two-fold purpose: (1) to prepare the student for a position involving the design, implementation, and applications of computer software and systems, and (2) to prepare the student for entry into a program of graduate study in computer science, computer engineering, and related fields. Our graduates should meet the following educational objectives:

BS Program Objectives:

  • Grow as well educated professionals with integrated high-level understanding of computing systems, processes, and the main body of knowledge of computer science as a whole;
  • Be able to creatively apply essential concepts, principles, and practices to appropriately construct solutions and analyze the processes for applications with professional judgments in the selection and application of theory, tools and techniques;
  • Work productively, as an individual and as a team member, to produce work involving problem identification, analysis, design, and development of a software system within a professional, legal, and ethical framework; and
  • Maintain their skills as the field evolve and appreciate the needs for continuing professional growth and development to keep current in the profession.


Student Outcomes:

All students will possess the following abilities by the time of graduation:

(a) An ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to the discipline;

(b) An ability to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution;

(c) An ability to design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs;

(d) An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal;

(e) An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities;

(f) An ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences;

(g) An ability to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations and society;

(h) Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in, continuing professional development;

(i) An ability to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practices.

(j) An ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way that demonstrates comprehension of the trade-offs involved in design choices;

(k) An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity.

Unofficial enrollment data showing the number of students seeking the BS degree in Computer Science.

* Spring Graduate numbers include summer graduates.

Spring 2013

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

























Official data can be found at the UCA Institutional Research website.

The Honors

Junior and senior students who have demonstrated superior achievement may be invited to participate in an advanced honors program. These students will engage in investigations in special computer science topics. The successful completion of these research studies will make these students eligible to graduate with honors in computer science.

B.S./M.S. Combined Options (5-year)

The department offers a combined and accelerated option for students to complete both the B.S. in Computer Science and the M.S. in Applied Computing degrees. This option allows qualified undergraduate seniors in the B.S. program in Computer Science to take first-year graduate-level courses in the M.S. program. These students will be able to complete all the requirements for the BS and MS programs in five years. Students interested in this 5-year B.S./M.S. combined option should contact his/her academic advisor or the department chair for details and fill out the application form.

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