Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide advice, advocacy, guidance and support for the Department of Computer Science at the University of Central Arkansas. The Board’s role is to advise the department chair, faculty, and staff on advancing the department and its academic programs. The Board also serves as a liaison for the Department with businesses, communities, industries, and government agencies.

The Board consists of representatives of the department’s constituencies such as alumni, businesses, communities, current and potential students, the university, industries, and government agencies. The Board has 10-20 representatives of these constituencies of the department. Board members are recommended by constituencies and are nominated by the chairperson, faculty, and current Board members. They are then be appointed by the chairperson of the department in consultation with faculty and the dean.

The Board meets annually in the fall of each academic year on dates established by the department chairperson. In addition to the annual meeting, the chairperson may call a Board meeting to discuss issues that need to be addressed.

Advisory Board Bylaws

The Advisory Board Members

Member Name Affiliation
Kristen Moore Dillards
Lee Easley ArcBest Technologies
George M. Gill Snapon
Mark Gimelfarb PrivacyStar
John Gray Mayflower School District
Stephen Hamblin Molex
Kristi Hendricks Acxiom
Greg Lindstrom NovaSys
Terry Talley Acxiom
Lee Watson Clarovista
George Williams Engenious Tech
Cathy Yang Acxiom


Emeritus Board Members

We would like to extend our gratitude to these past Advisory Board members. We greatly appreciate the service they have rendered to this department.

Member Name Affiliation

Jonathan Allen HP (formerly)
Jerry Bond Dillard (formerly)
Rick VanNorman BEI


Minutes Of Previous Advisory Board Meetings