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“The Media and The Death Penalty in Arkansas,” November 15, 2017.  A panel of Arkansas journalists discussed the procedure, the challenges, and their experience during the recent executions within the state.  UCA Public Relations and Journalism majors attended the event, hosted by Dr. Dylan McLemore and his PR, the Press and Public Affairs class.  Pictured left to right:  Nick Bell, UCA student, Jacob Kauffman, KUAR, Jessi Turnure, KARK/FOX 16 Capitol View Arkansas host, Marine Glisovic, KATV, David Lippman, THV 11, and Chandler Watkins, UCA student.  The second picture includes guest panelists, Dr. McLemore, and the PR, the Press, and Public Affairs class.





















UCA Majors Fair, October 3, 2017.  The School of Communication received the 1st place Blue Ribbon for their display this year.  Many of our majors from Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, and Writing, along with faculty, were on hand to meet and greet interested students.  The picture below are Communication majors posing with UCA President Houston Davis.  Left to right are John David Ward, Daniel Strain, Dani Peterson, Jordan Sanders, Alexis Hood, Jennifer Harris, and Kenzie Cundall.












The 6th Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase took place October 6, 2016.  Many thanks to professor Teri Colaianni for making this year’s event once again successful.  Participants from the Principles of Communication classes were from left to right:  Laura Boelkens, Brick Cullum, winner of the competition, Moesha Williams, and Morgan Benton.

640 pix Laura Boelkens, Brick Cullum, Moesha Williams, and Morgan Benton 1










Pictured with the contestants is professor Teri Colaianni.  The next picture includes contestants with professor Staci Fritzges, Coordinator of Principles of Communication.

640 pix Morgan Benton Brick Cullum, Laura Boelkens Moesha Williams with Teri Colaianni 640 pix Laura Boelkens, Brick Cullum, Staci Fritzges, Moesha Williams, and Morgan Benton 2






















Thank you to the Hilliard competition judges.  Let to right:  Terry Wright, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication, Dr. Riva Brown, Assistant Professor in Public Relations, Ms. Adena White, Conway Chamber of Commerce, and Ms. Maria Anderton, Managing Editor, Log Cabin Democrat.

640 pix judges Terry Wright, Riva Brown, Adena White, Maria Anderton











Spring 2016, Ms. Colaianni’s Small Group Communication class did a year-end project, featuring popular singing groups –   The Beatles, Destiny’s Child, and Spice Girls (Miah Williams, Jessie Casey, Nicole Turney Rachel Moore, and Rich Love).

Small Group the beatles Small Group Communication Class Destiny's Child Small Group Communication Class Miah Williams, Jessie Casey, Nicole Turney, Rachel Moore, Rich Love







































The winning team for PR Cases and Campaigns, Bold Ambition, with the leaders of the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP), the class client, for the fall 2015 semester.  Front row left to right:  Joy Rockenbach, Act 1220 Coordinator, Department of Health, and Past President of Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP), Bold Ambition team members, Jennah Denney, Jacqueline Moragne, and Rachel Moore, and Andrea Ridgway, Hometown Health Branch Chief, Center for Local Public Health, and President of ArCOP.  Back row:  Bold Ambition team member Rich Love, and Sherry Johnson, HHI Section Chief, Center for Local Public Health, and Secretary of ArCOP.

640 pixel pr c&c bold ambition winners ArCOP









Jessica Casey, left, Mya Hyman and Noelle Smith, students in the fall 2015 Public Relations Techniques class, won $3,000 from Biotest Plasma in Conway in the mini public relations plan competition. The students developed a plan to help Biotest encourage more college students and community members to donate plasma. The competition was held Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015.

biotest winners dec 2015















The focus for the 2015 Communication Week, October 12-15, was “Communication is My Superpower.”  The festivities began on October 12 with the Communication Week Kickoff, a Superhero Costume Contest.  Other activities included the Lambda Pi Eta Induction Ceremony, guest speaker, author and journalist, Suzi Parker, the Alumni Panel, the PRSSA Resume Workshop, and ending with the 5th Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase.

Students and Faculty had a lot of fun portraying their superheroes and explaining how and why their costume was associated to the superpower of communication.  Students participating in the Superhero Costume Contest pictured left to right:  Treslyn Fletcher, 1st place, Clint Hare and Jordan Bramlett, 2nd place, Jonathan Liddell, 3rd place, and Jennifer Harris, most creative.

1 costume contestants pix 640












There was a surprise visit from Batman!  Special thanks to senior sociology major Frank Benton for his guest appearance.

9 costume contestants pix 640

4 costume contestants pix 640





















Faculty also enjoyed dressing up for the contest.  Back row left to right:  Larry Dilday, Nelle Bedner, J.J. McIntyre, Riva Brown, Staci Fritzges, Aaran Mattson, and Jana Porter.  Front row:  Teri Colaianni and Tami Phillips.

7 costume contestants pix 6402 costume contestants pix 640






















Lambda Pi Eta’s Induction Ceremony.  Dr. Alston-Miller is the faculty supervisor.

lambda pix 640











Suzi Parker, Journalist and Author, was the guest speaker during Communication Week.  Ms. Parker reflected on being a female journalist in the South.  She also had a question & answer session and a book signing.

suzi parker 640 pix suzi parker 1 pix 640






















The Alumni Panel spoke to a full audience about what the Communication Degree means to them and how they use it in their jobs.  Pictured left to right:  Allie Hennard, Bobby Kelley, Dapple McCracken, and Shawanna Rodgers.

alum panel pix 640alum panel 1 pix 640


alum Alle pix 640 - Copy alum james pix 640 - Copy alum Shawanna pix 640 - Copy alum Dapple 640 pix




































































The PRSSA Resume Showcase drew many students to hear guest speaker Martin Vernon.

prssa 1 pix 640 prssa 2 pix 640






















Students, faculty, and staff were really involved and enjoyed posing for communication frames.

frame 1 pix 640 frame 2 pix 640 frame 3 pix 640 frame 4 pix 640 frame 5 pix 640 frame 6 pix 640 frame 7 pix 640 frame 8 pix 640 frame 9 pix 640 frame 99 pix 640


frame 1 pix 640 frame 3 pix 640 frames 640 pixframe 3 pix 640

































































































































































































































































The 5th Annual Oliver M. Hilliard Speech Showcase concluded Communication Week 2015.  Pictured left to right:  Mallory Calhoun, winner, Hunter Carr, Katelyn Hayes, Andree Muldoon, and Emily Brooks.

hilliard winners pix 640













On April 16, 2015, Dr. Monika Alston-Miller received two prestigious awards at the 62nd Annual Service Awards presented by the University.  Dr. A, as known by her students, received the 2015 Faculty Excellence Award and the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award.  Congratulations to Dr. A!

Monika with award 640 pixMonika's awards 640 pix



























Capstone Presentations, April 22, 2015.  Dr. J.J. McIntyre, supervisor over the poster exhibition this year, stated “Our majors have worked hard on these projects since last fall and today they have the opportunity to share their brilliance.  The capstone students have embraced the opportunity to gain a better understanding of The Past, Present, and Future Role of Communication at UCA.”  Back row left to right:  Brandon Hardy, Professor J.J. McIntyre, Helen Lockhart, Boone Hyatt, and Kara Suitt.  Front row left to right:  Madeline Beall, Brooke Ballard, Mary Scallion, Morgan Shipman, Chelsea Garcia, and Bobby Racy.

162 cropped

1 2015 capstone pix 640 2 2 2015 capstone pix 640 2 2015 capstone pix 640 3 2015 capstone pix 640 4 2015 capstone pix 640 5 2015 capstone pix 640 6 2015 capstone pix 640 7 2015 Capstone pix 640 8 2015 Capstone pix 640







































































































After the Capstone Presentation, the Department hosted the 2015 Awards Ceremony, with Dr. Cooper emceeing.  Communication and Public Relations majors were recognized for their accomplished work and participation in student organizations such as the Public Relations Student Society of America, Lambda Pi Eta, and Forensics.  Also student participation in the Collaborative Crisis Communication Project, PR Cases and Campaigns, and the Communication Capstone were mentioned.  Also recognized were the graduating seniors and students making the Dean’s List.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Department’s major awards.

The Lambda Pi Eta Member of the Year Award was awarded to Ashley Bronson (not present to receive).

The Glenn D. Smith Outstanding Student in Communication Award was presented by Dr. Nelle Bedner to Morgan Shipman.

156 glenn smith award cropped 640 pixel












The Alma O. Corley Outstanding Student in Public Relations Award was presented by Dr. Bedner to Winston Meyer.

157 alma corley award cropped 640 pixel













The Chair’s Award was presented by Dr. Bedner to Kara Suitt.

158 chair award cropped 640 pixel













Communication Week October 25-30, 2014.  Communication Week festivities began with a pre-game Homecoming Tailgate party.  Many students, faculty, alumni, and friends dropped by to enjoy friendship and food!

045 pix at 640 050 pix at 640 060 pix at 640 078 pix at 640 100 pix at 640 095 pix at 640






























































Activities included a well-attended Domestic Violence Forum “Worth Talking About.”

Artist-In-Residence Dr. William D. Lindsey, author of Fiat Flux The Writings of Wilson R. Bachelor, Nineteenth-Century Country Doctor and Philosopher, hosted a public lecture and also visited Communication classrooms.

118 pix at 640











A panel discussion with alumni of the Department of Communication discussed “Careers worth talking about.”  The panel included front left to right – Kody Ford (author of magazine “The Idle Class”), Ashley Leopoulos (Girl Scouts-Diamonds), and Heide Harrell (Stone Ward), back left to right – Olympia Atkinson (Atkinson Dance Academy), Alexis Sims (American Heart Association), Whitney Albert (Advantage Communications), and John David Pittman (photographer).

200 pix at 640














UCA Forensics presented two debate activities.  The first demonstration was on “The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Initiative” with Stephanie Gray and Bradley Allgood debating against Brynn Woods and Danielle Casey.  Also featured in the photo is Terry Wright, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication.

214 pix at 640












The second demonstration was An Interpretation of Marsha Norman’s Getting Out performed by Leia Smith and Sara Sharos.

216 pix at 640














Communication and Public Relations majors helped usher the Forensic debates.  Pictured is Boone Hyatt, Jennah Denney, Brandon Hardy, and Chelsea Garcia.

221 pix at 640











The week festivities concluded with the 4th Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase.  This Showcase honors the memory of Ms. Hilliard, who served as a professor at UCA from 2003 until her death in 2010, and it also recognizes outstanding students in the Principles of Communication Class.  Participants were left to right – Michael Haun, Audrey Rodgers, Jessica DeYoung, Braxton Johnson (pictured in center and winner of the competition), Amy Rochelle, Jessica DeYoung, and Tyler Ramsey..

285 pix at 640












The Departmental Awards Ceremony was held April 24, 2014, and emceed by Dr. Monika Alston-Miller.  Students were recognized for their participation in PRSSA, Lambda Pi Eta, Forensics, the Collaborative Crisis Communication Project, PR Cases and Campaigns, and the Communication Capstone.

The 2014 Lambda Pi Eta Member of the Year Award was presented by Dr. Alston-Miller to Yao (Ida) Li.

2014 Awards Lambda Yoa Li 640 pix













The 2014 Glenn D. Smith Award for Outstanding Student in Communication was presented by Dr. Bedner to Molly Clayborn.

2014 award glenn d smith Molly Clayborn















The 2014 Alma O. Corley Outstanding Student Award in Public Relations was presented by Dr. Hawkins to Lauren Goines.

2014 Award Alma O Corley PR Lauren














The Communication Capstone Poster Exhibition was held April 23, 2014.  This group of communication majors did an outstanding job with their Thesis Projects.  Dr. Nelle Bedner was their advisor.

2014 capstone 0 pix 6402014 capstone 99999 pix 6402014 capstone 999999 pix 6402014 capstone 9999 pix 6402014 capstone 999 pix 6402014 capstone 99 pix 6402014 capstone 9 pix 6402014 capstone 8 pix 6402014 capstone 7 pix 6402014 capstone 6 pix 6402014 capstone 5 pix 6402014 capstone 4 pix 6402014 capstone 3 pix 6402014 capstone 2 pix 6402014 capstone 1 pix 640





























































































































































Guest Lecturer and Scholar-in-Residence for Civic Engagement, William A. Schwab, professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas, presented “Perspectives in Human Communication” for our Communication and Public Relations majors and minors on October 1, 2013.

william schwab 1 pix 640 william schwab pix 640




















The Department of Communication hosted its first Communication Week April 15-18, 2013.  Dr. Nelle Bedner, chairman of the event, stated “It’s self-proclaimed, but we’re serious about it, communication is powerful.  It’s also fun.  We want to illustrate these concepts to our students and to the campus.”  Activities included a UCA Forensics Event and a Showcase, a PRSSA sponsored session “Entrepreneurship in Communication.” the Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase, the Communication Capstone Poster Exhibition, and ending the festivities, the Departmental Awards Ceremony.

2013 comm week pix 640












The panel discussion of “Entrepreneurship in Communication” included Lisa Frein, cofounder of Kazoo Marketing and Communications, Stacey Jones, Ariel Strategic Communications, and Jodie Spears, Living Pink Public Relations.

20113 comm week pix 640











There were five great presentations given by Principles of Communication students during the 3rd Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase.  Pictured left to right:  Jillian Massiet, Shelby Horner (1st place), Taylor Brady, Jordan Daniels, and Sarah Zimmerman.

2013 comm week olive hilliard pix 640













The Capstone Poster Exhibition, under the faculty direction of Dr. Nelle Bedner, included the participation of nineteen senior communication majors.

2013 capstone 0 pix 6402013 capstone 1 pix 6402013 capstone 2 pix 6402013 capstone 3 pix 6402013 capstone 4 pix 640























































The week festivities concluded with the Departmental Award Ceremony.  Dr. Amy Hawkins emceed the event.  Dr. James Hikins, Chair, presented the Chair’s Teaching Award to Professors Katherine Bray, Larry Dilday, Staci Fritzges, and Tami Phillips.  The Lambda Pi Eta Member of the Year Award was presented by Dr. Monika Alston-Miller to Noah Paty.  The Glenn D. Smith Outstanding Student in Communication Award was presented to Bethany Miller and the Alma O. Corley Outstanding Student in Public Relations Award was presented to Marcela Montelongo.

2013 corley and smith awards pix 6402013 comm week student shot 1 pix 6402013 comm week student shot pix 640



































There were several events that took place during 2012 including Scholar-In-Residence Roderick P. Hart, Artist-In-Residence Matthew Smith, the 2nd Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase, and Dr. J.J. McIntyre’s Crisis in Communication’s class group project.

Dr. Roderick P. Hart, Dean of the College of Communication and Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin, was guest Scholar-in-Residence for Civic Engagement in October 2012.  He held two Q&A sessions, and a public lecture and book signing.

1 rod hart pix 640 2 rod hart pix 640





















The Department hosted Artist-In-Residence Matthew J. Smith, Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, in September 2012.  Dr. Smith is a researcher of the comic world and has co-authored several books about the theories of comics.  His public lecture Beyond Biff! Bam! Pow!  Reclaiming Comics as the Ninth Art, brought a packed auditorium during is residency.

1 matt September 17, 2012 640 pix 2 Matthew Smith September 17, 2012 pix 640






















The 2nd Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase in April had five presenters.  Pictured left to right:  Keith Dove (1st place), Johnisha Graham, Winston Meyer, Rebecca Gottsponer, and Alex Almasri.

2012 hilliard event pix 640












Dr. J.J. McIntyre’s Crisis Communication class completed a project that included creating an emergency plan for the whole University.  Win Thompson Hall was the prototype.  Not only did this group of students do an outstanding job on this project, but also, an outstanding job for the University.

1 Crisis Class 2012 pix 640













Capstone April 2012.  Thesis Projects completed by seniors majoring in Communication and supervised by faculty member Dr. Nelle Bedner.  Top row left to right:  Matt Pearson, Kristin Jeffries, Abbey Eckert, Andrew Calaway.  Middle row:  Lauren Naeyaert, Meagan Lenehan, Mary Catherine Jordan, Jeremy Moore, Jarvis Carrigan.  First row:  Ashli Mitchell, Milly Yin, Emily Bradley, and Laney Mann.

2012 capstone 0 pix 6402012 capstone 4 pix 640 2012 capstone 5 pix 640 2012 capstone 6 pix 640 2012 capstone 3 pix 640 2012 capstone 2 pix 640 2012 capstone 1 pix 640










































































Guest Speaker Rick Fahr, Publisher, The Log Cabin Democrat, was on campus February 2, 2012.  His Public Forum Lecture was “In Search of a Campass:  Community Newspapers Seek Map of the Future.

2012 015 pick fahr newsletter PIX 640










rick fahr PIX 640






















Lambda Pi Eta’s guest speaker Dr. Mike Hemphill, Provost and Dean of Centenary College in Shreveport, LA, spoke to a captivated audience on “Social Construction, in December 2011.

1 Mike Hemphill December 2011 640 pix 1 Mike Hemphill December 2011 012 PIX 640



























Public Forum Lecturer, Lisa Corrigan, Assistant Professor, from the University of Arkansas, presented “Afrofuturism and the Politics of Possibility:  Radical Social Love and the Career of Michael Jackson.”  She also was a guest during the Rhetoric Seminar.  September 2011.

carrigan pix 640











The First Annual Olive M. Hilliard Speech Showcase was held in April 2011.  Pictured left to right:  Stephanie Winfield, Adam Stevens, Heather Downs, Brooke Scarbrough, Desiree Garrison, and Luke Deem (1st place).

Hilliard April 2011