Joanna Castner Post Memorial Scholarship

The Writing program welcomes donations to the fund in memory of DR. JOANNA CASTNER POST.

Joanna Castner Post


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Or donate by check made payable to
“Joanna Castner Post Memorial Scholarship Fund”

UCA Foundation, Inc.
Buffalo Alumni Hall
UCA Box 4986
2490 Bruce Street
Conway, AR 72035

Once Fully Funded
When scholarship attains endowment at $25,000, students declared in the Professional Writing track of Writing major may apply. Application criteria will then be available here and on UCA Foundation website.

Dr. Castner Post’s Life at UCA
Dr. Castner Post joined the department in 2006 and was granted tenure and promotion to associate professor in 2010. She directed the University Writing Center and was instrumental in developing the department’s Professional Writing program.

In August of 2013, she was named Director of the General Education Core. Even as Core Director, Dr. Castner Post continued to teach in the Department of Writing until her untimely death on March 13, 2014.

Dr. Castner Post previously worked at the University of Tampa in Florida and the University of Findlay in Ohio. She earned her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University.