The introduction to College Writing Residential College Writing Celebration.

AfterWords is a university-sponsored academic event held every year. It is both a writing competition and a celebration of

Dango Kumwenda

Dango Kumwenda

student writing held among Residential College students enrolled in Writing 1310 each fall.

Writing faculty teaching in UCA’s Residential Colleges envisioned a writing competition that could provide a real incentive and reward for good student writing by offering students the opportunity to share their writing with students from other classes, to learn from each other, and have their hard work publicly recognized and praised by peers and faculty.

For the first time, first-year student writers could have a “real” audience. The Residential College writing faculty believed that the competition would be a fascinating and diverse avenue for the UCA First-Year Community to wander down: a bazaar of topics, a marketplace of ideas, a store of discussion.

Chris Talley

Chris Talley

Previous winners:

1st Place: Jordan king jordanking1
2nd Place: Jennifer Wagner  jenniferwagner2
3rd Place:: Sara Madron sara_madron3

1st Place: Andrea Eades andreaeades1

1st Place: Paul McKay paulmckay1
2nd Place: Phillip Baker phillipbaker2
3rd Place: Kaine Hance kaine_hance3

1st Place: Bethann Turner bethann_turner 1
2nd Place: Cody Calhoun cody_calhoun 2
3rd Place: Kevin Hollis kevin_hollis 3

1st Place: Madison Marsh Madison Marsh 1
2nd Place: Dango Kumwenda Dango Kumwenda 2
3rd Place: Christopher Talley Christopher Talley 3


1st place: Tierra Easterwood 1
2nd place: Hannah McGehee 2
3rd place: Bailey Henry 3

This Year’s Competition will be held:

The Bear’s Den 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Dango Kumwenda and Sophie Dix

Dango Kumwenda and Sophie Dix

Awards Ceremony 6:00pm

1st Place: $100 UCA Bookstore Gift Card
2nd Place: $75 UCA Bookstore Gift Card
3rd Place: $50 UCA Bookstore Gift Card
Reading Award: $25 UCA Bookstore Gift Card
$25 Walmart Gift Honorable Mention





Deadline for submissions: Monday, November 9th 2015

AfterWords Submission Form