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Co-Curricular & Support Unit Assessment Committee

The Co-Curricular and Support Unit Assessment Committee is currently suspended, pending redesign of the scope of programs it serves.


The Co-Curricular and Support Unit Assessment Committee will provide oversight, identify needs, and develop recommendations and policies regarding institution-wide assessment of co-curricular and support units in order to strengthen the university and enhance its accountability. It will also recommend changes in co-curricular and support unit assessment processes; review the usefulness of co-curricular and support unit assessment strategies, reporting strategies, and feedback processes; and ensure that assessment data are used to inform decision-making at all levels. The committee will support, fully or in part, faculty and staff initiatives related to the improvement of co-curricular and support unit assessment programs. The committee will maintain close communications with the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the UCA Core Council, and other appropriate committees, administrative bodies, and university units.


  1. Review individual program’s assessment plans and processes and recommend ways for improvement.
  2. Advise faculty, staff, departments, units, and programs on assessment procedures and methods.
  3. Review and implement policies for reporting assessment data.
  4. Development and implement policies for dissemination of assessment data.

Annual Report and Presentation

A written report shall be provided to the provost by April 15 of each year. This report should summarize the body’s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline planning for the following year. The report should be approved by the membership of the committee.


  1. The director of assessment, who serves as the chair.
  2. Eight representatives, one from each of the seven divisions and one permanent position for diversity, as appointed by the Vice President/Division Head of each respective division. Division representatives will serve staggered three-year terms; if necessary, lots will determine the length of the initial term.
  3. One undergraduate student appointed by the SGA for a one-year term.
  4. One graduate student appointed by the dean of the graduate school for a one-year term.
Member Division/Unit Term Title/Role
Jonathan A. Glenn Academic Affairs Permanent Chair (interim), Ex Officio
Darshon Anderson Institutional Diversity Permanent VP Appointee
Phillip Bailey Academic Affairs 2020 Provost Appointee
Lisha Yates Advancement 2020 VP Appointee
Natalie Shock Athletics 2021 VP Appointee
Drew Courtway Finance & Administration 2021 VP Appointee
Judy Kinnison Information Technology 2021 VP Appointee
Mathilda Hatfield (John Fincher) Student Services 2019 VP Appointee
Courtney Bryant University Relations 2019 VP Appointee
Antoine Cato Student Government Association 2019 SGA Appointee
TBD – Graduate Student Graduate School 2019 Dean Appointee



Monthly during the fall and spring semesters

Reports to


Minutes are sent to the provost. Annual Report is due by April 15 each year.

Page updated: January 15, 2021