Kerry Barnett

Assistant Professor

Manion 303B

(501) 450-5943

Dr. Barnett is an organometallic chemist from Memphis, TN. She received her B.S. in chemistry from Mississippi State University and her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Alabama. Dr. Barnett has a passion for chemistry and chemical education. Her research interests are focused on sustainable efforts in organometallic catalysis.  For more information on research in the Barnett lab please see the research group web page.


Dr. Barnett’s Teaching Philosophy, “I believe that learning is facilitated by inspiration. Inspiration creates curiosity, motivation, and excitement to learn. My ultimate goal as an educator is to inspire students to not only learn about a subject but take their knowledge beyond the classroom and in turn inspire others. I aim to inspire students by providing a positive learning experience.  In addition, I want to get students thinking about how the information provided could be applied in a broader sense. To achieve these goals a course with a balanced mixture between delivery of information and practical application of the concepts is required. My teaching style involves an interactive classroom and encourages dialogue through the use of in-class problem solving. I think that an interactive classroom is vital to the learning experience.”


More information can be found on Dr. Barnett’s website here.


Syllabi for Courses Taught 

Organic Chemistry I: Barnett, CHEM 2401, Fall 2019

Organic Chemistry II:  Barnett, CHEM 3411, Spring 2021