HPaW Residential College

Health Promotion and Wellness (HPaW) Residential College at Baridon Hall

Students who are interested in a health-related career or who are just passionate about health and wellness will find it helpful to be surrounded by like-minded students with similar aspirations. Introducing HPaW at Baridon Hall, a brand-new residential college associated with the CHBS. Short for Health Promotion and Wellness, HPaW will serve as a unique learning community for students, allowing them to more closely work together toward their futures in the health professions and behavioral sciences.


  • A learning community that will better prepare students for advanced study
  • Live and study with students who share similar goals and aspirations in wellness and health-related career fields
  • Opportunities to work closely with accomplished faculty who have real-world experience in their respective fields of study
  • Participate in service learning activities related to health and wellness



Consider starting your educational path in the HPaW Residential College at Baridon Hall.

2021 Viewbook

Just click on the image (above) and this view book will open to show you many of the opportunities a living and learning environment can bring your way. You can print it, search it, zoom in on it, make notes on it, and (perhaps most importantly!) share it with a friend.