UCA Health Fair

In the 2014/15 and 2015/16 academic years 349 students in the programs of health science, kinesiology, nursing, occupational therapy, dietetics / nutrition, and physical therapy have participated in the annual UCA Health fair.  During the health fair interprofessional groups of students have provided education on obesity prevalence and risk factors; screenings including body mass index, waist to hip ratio, body composition, and collection of a family health history; provided tools and education on lifestyle assessment, strategy development, goal setting, and local resources to support nutrition, exercise, and stress management; and discussed medical treatment options for obesity including prescription medications, bariatric surgery, and medical weight management programs.

Interprofessional Role-play Simulation

In 2014/15 Summative Competency course groups, nursing students were paired with groups of OT students.  The nursing students simulated selected patient diagnoses while the OT students performed evaluations and interventions.  The nursing students then provided constructive feedback to the OT students and the OT students explained the role of OT to the nursing students.