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2020-2021 Artist in Residence Call for Proposals, Application, & FAQ

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Summer Stipend Proposal Procedure

Faculty Grant Opportunities

Faculty who will be applying for grants with IDC for instructional or curricular development projects, please be aware of the following due dates.  The grant proposals must be submitted to the dean by these dates for

consideration.  The application can be filled out online, saved, and emailed to your department chairperson and the dean for completion.  Visit the IDC web site for the application and instructions.

There are various grant opportunities for UCA faculty through the Instructional Development Center, theUniversity Research Council,  and the UCA Foundation.  Sponsored Programs can assist the academic community with obtaining grants.  For more information regarding these opportunities, please visit the respective web sites.  As opportunities become available, information will be added to this site.



Public Art Committee

Gayle Seymour, Chair (CFAC)

Brian Young (Art, Baum Gallery)

Jeff Young (Chair, Art Department)

Ashley Stock (Student Government Association President designee)

Larry Lawrence (Facilities Management)

Deb Kuster (Faculty, Art Department)

Lynn Schaefer (Intensive English Program)

Kandace Keeney (UCA Staff, Outreach and Community Engagement)

Beth Norwood  (Community Representative)

Vickie Parke (President for Institutional Advancement and Development designee)


Committee on Committees

Polly Walter, Chair – School of Communication (2020)

Holly Laws – Art College Rep. (2020)

Donna Pinckley – Art Dept. Rep. (2020)

Louis Young – Music College Rep. (2021)

Matt Taylor – Music Dept. Rep. (2022)

Sandy Longhorn – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing College Rep. (2020)

Chris Churchill – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing Dept. Rep. (2022)

Jen Talbot – School of Communication College Rep. (2021)

Amy Hawkins – School of Communication Dept. Rep. (2021)


Curriculum and Assessment Committee

Jennifer Hawkinson, Chair – Art (2021)

Jessie Hornbrook – Art (2021)

Gail Robertson – Music (2020)

John Gale – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing (2020)
Ellen Stengel – School of Communication (2019)
Laura Niswonger Bowles – Representative-at-large (2020)
Paige Rose – Representative-at-large (2019)

Diversity Committee

Dylan McLemore, Chair – School of Communication (2020)

Liz Smith – Art (2021)

John Vanderslice – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing (2020)

Kazuo Murakami – Music (2020)

Lanette Grate – School of Communication (2021)

Paige Rose – Representative-at-large (2021)

Marty Lang – Representative-at-large (2021)

Research Committee

Stephanie Vanderslice, Chair – School of Communication (2021)

Pete Bella – Art (2021)

Jennie Case – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing (2020)

Gail Robertson – Music (2020)

Cokey Allen – School of Communication (2020)

Carey Clark – Representative-at-large (2019)

Holly Laws – Representative-at-large (2021)


Tenure & Promotion Committee

Polly Walter, Chair – School of Communication  (2022)

Jeff Young – Art (2022)

Donna Pinckley – Art, Alternate (2022)

John Gale – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing (2022)

John Vanderslice – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing, Alternate (2022)

Brent Shires – Music (2020)

Stefanie Dickinson – Music, Alternate (2020)

Polly Walter – School of Communication (2020)

Amy Hawkins – School of Communication, Alternate (2021)


Crisis and Security Committee

J.J. McIntyre, Chair – School of Communication (2020)

Donna Pinckley – Art (2021)

Shauna Meador – Film, Theatre, & Creative Writing (2022)

Gail Roberston – Music (2021)

Cokey Allen – School of Communication (2019)


Redesigning General Education



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