Top Hat: Getting Started


The first step in using Top Hat is to create an account and set up your Top Hat course. The following resources will guide you through the process.

  1. Creating your professor account and courses
  2. Inviting your students to your course
  3. Accessing your course roster from the LMS

Ongoing Support

Top Hat also offers free services to instructors to ensure they’re fully ready to use Top Hat for first day of class and beyond. Support includes:

  • Instructional design services to prepare courses
  • One-on-one training with instructors
  • Extensive Top Hat Success Center

If you have any questions, contact Top Hat’s support team directly at or call 1-888-663-5491.


Student subscriptions apply to the full Top Hat platform including Classroom, Assignment and Test. Low-cost textbooks and free resources are also available to use with the platform.

Information for students:

  1. Create an account with Top Hat
  2. Purchase a Top Hat subscription
  3. Review the Student Quick Start Guide

Top Hat pricing for students:

Please note that Top Hat is not free for students. A one-semester license that can be used in multiple classes costs $24 per student. There is also the option to purchase a four-year undergraduate license for $81 per student, although there is not yet a mechanism in place for students to know to purchase this if they will be using Top Hat in multiple semesters while at UCA.

4 Months: $24/semester
4 Years: $81/one-time purchase