Snapchat Takeovers

Snap to it!

Snapchat Takeovers allows an additional opportunity for employers and students to connect. With a tap of your finger, you can see exclusive behind-the-scene peeks into top recruiting companies.

Snapchat offers a unique way for employers to showcase their company or organization in an authentic, easy to access way. Organizations can show:

  • what makes their organization unique
  • their office appearance
  • who their employees are
  • what employees do on a daily basis
  • where they eat lunch
  • the company culture

Snapchat allows for two-way communication between students and organizations. Students can ask questions like:

  • “Where can I apply for an internship?”
  • “What are you looking for in applicants?”
  • “Where are your offices located?”
  • or even something as simple as “What is your favorite part of working for _____?”

To apply to take part in a Snapchat Takeover please visit our Snapchat Takeover Employer Information page.

Employer Snapchat Takeovers

Student Snapchat Takeovers