Post a Work Study Job

Post your work-study positions on Handshake!

Bears4Hire powered by Handshake is an online tool that connects you to UCA students and alumni. If you already have a Handshake account click the Post Jobs HERE button above.

When Posting Work-study Positions…

  1. Follow this format when naming your department: UCA: Office of Diversity, UCA: English Department, UCA: Athletic Department, etc.
  2. Use this format for naming your job(s): UCA Dept. Name: Job Title”Examples: UCA English Dept: Student Worker, UCA Athletic Department: Social Media Intern, UCA Office of Diversity: Front Desk Associate, etc.

How to Create your Account

To do so, you must follow these steps:
If your department has more than one admin, you will want to decide who will create your department’s account; a department account can then list individual admins as contacts.  For the purposes below, your “company” is your department.  Do not attempt to join Career Services as your company.  You will create your own “company” for your department.

  • Click HERE to create your profile
  • Select “Create an employer account” in blue and complete the required information to sign up as an employer. Then click the blue [Sign Up] button
  • Read and agree to the employer guidelines
    • Select “No” when asked if you are a 3rd party recruiter working on behalf of another company
  • Go to your e-mail and confirm your e-mail address
  • Sign in within the “Employers & Career Centers” section using the credentials you just created
  • Request access to your company or follow the steps to create your own company (if your DEPARTMENT does not already have a Handshake account)
  • Search for the “University of Central Arkansas” as a school you wish to recruit from
  • Click the blue [Finish] button to confirm your Handshake account

Now you may begin posting jobs to your employer profile page! Your account will need to be approved by UCA Career Services before you start creating/posting jobs.

If you are in need of assistance, please call 501-450-3134 or e-mail