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Company Research

Company Research


When answering and asking questions during an interview, try to  display knowledge about the company/business by researching and gathering information on the following:

  • Major product/ service
  • Structure (for major business functions)
  • Industry niche
  • Future direction
  • Ownership alliances
  • Locations
  • Revenues
  • History
  • Number of employees
  • Corporate culture ( e.g. family)
  • Career opportunities available
  • Contact information (follow-up letter)


Questions to answer about the company through networking:

  1. What are the organization’s major competitors?
  2. What are the organization’s strong and weak points?
  3. What kind of people succeed in this company?
  4. With whom should I network?
  5. What other sources of information should I consult?


Sites like Glassdoor can provide you with employee reviews, salaries, and interview questions to expect.