Spektron Systems

Job Location:  Little Rock, AR

Job Title:   Various Internships

Pay: Paid—Compensation rate will be based on education level, experience, and the candidate’s workload

About us:  Spektron Systems, LLC, is a pharmaceutical company focused on drug discovery.  Spektron’s Business Plan is aimed at the development of new prospective drugs using its proprietary/trade secret Q-MAP platform, obtaining Investigational New Drug (IND) certification from the FDA, then selling them to Big Pharma.


Job Overview:  Interns must be a current student (junior or senior level), or recent graduate of an approved program from an accredited university.  Preferred study program varies per internship being offered.


The college intern will assist in conducting tasks for one or more of Spektron Systems’ departments, including Computational Chemistry, Computational Modeling, Computer Programming, and Informatics.  Some specific tasks, by department, include:


Computational Chemistry:

  • Required skills: Basic understanding of chemical structures and properties
  • Intern will be expected to: Utilize Software to Wash/Optimize Molecular Files
  • Verify Accuracy of Molecular Files Collected
  • Assist in the identification of molecular irregularities in data sets—Will require both written and oral reports of findings


Computer Programming:

  • Required Skills: Knowledge of basic programming concepts and data structures (i.e. functions and other abstractions, objects, arrays, dictionaries, etc.) and a willingness to build the preferred skills
  • Preferred skills: Web UI platform experience (e.g. AngularJS), JavaScript (Node.js, Express), HTTP REST services, non-relational databases (MongoDB), HTML, CSS, git.
  • Highly qualified skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS Batch, EC2, S3, etc.), Python
  • Intern will be expected to: Help with building a User Interface (UI) for a distributed, job-based system for machine learning;  Utilize JavaScript both on the server and client-side (SPA), using Node.js, and AngularJS; Ideal candidate could also fill in with machine learning and data curation activity using Python


Informatics/Computational Modeling:

  • Required Skills: Intermediate-Advanced understanding of biological concepts, both in human and animal studies; Must be comfortable/diligent with collecting /interpreting data from databases, in addition to literature sources
  • Intern will be expected to: Research Specific Data Endpoints; Utilize Spektron Software to Conduct Data Mining and Harvesting
  • Compile Data into Standardized Templates
  • Providing Quality Control (QC)Assessments for SPEKTRON’s Data Mining Efforts
  • Prepare reports/presentations using standard Office Software (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Confluence, JIRA, etc.)
  • Perform computer Modeling with Collected Data, as needed


Work Expectations:

The intern will work in the Spektron office for at least 20 hours per work week.  There may be occasional after hours or weekend responsibilities.  If additional hours worked outside of the office are required, you will receive payment for additional hours accrued.  Preferred days/times to be present in the office are:  Monday-Friday: 9:00am-2pm OR Monday-Thursday: 9am-3pm.  Depending on the Intern’s availability, the times listed above can be adjusted.


How to Apply:  Documents for Submission of Application:  Required:  Cover Letter and Resume or CV;  Optional:  Unofficial Transcripts; Letters of Recommendation; College Credit Internship Information/Forms

Please send any required and optional documents to the following contact:  Ashley Meyer,

Principle Informatics Scientist at ameyer@spektronsystems.com

Deadline to apply:  Open until filled.