ACE Program Advisor – Arkansas Department of Career Education-Rehabilitation Services

Location:  Little Rock, AR
Job Title:  ACE Program Advisor-Curriculum Specialist
Annual Salary:  $50,222

The ACE Program Advisor will function as the Curriculum Specialist Program Advisor. The Curriculum Specialist Program Advisor is assigned to the Division of Adult Education. The Program Advisor will serve two major functions: 1) as a master teacher/curriculum professional, and provide mentoring, coaching, and ongoing support to adult education instructors across the state, and 2) will provide technical assistance and program monitoring to adult education programs and literacy councils in an Arkansas region through annual site visits, program reviews, and desk audits. Oversee the development and evaluation of Adult Education curriculum and assessment including the implementation of course outlines, syllabi, and workplace readiness skills across the state. Assess the effectiveness of curriculum developed and/or administered using state and local program data, and use the assessment in the process of curriculum replacement or revision.
Review and recommend curriculum, software and textbooks that are based on best practices derived from the most rigorous research available and appropriate, including scientifically valid research and effective educational practice, and to meet the needs of statewide business and industry. Develop Adult Education goals, objectives, and curriculum guidelines, based on college and career readiness standards, in assigned areas and in accordance with grants as well as the related State and Federal accountability requirements and curriculum frameworks.

Prepare a wide variety of documents and instructional materials in both print and electronic formats (e.g. lesson plans, reports, instructions, memoranda, etc.) for the purpose of instructional programming, documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
Assist with and/or direct specific Adult Education curriculum projects as assigned and in adherence to state regulations governing programs and grants for adults. Coordinate, develop, and implement ongoing continuous professional development and technical assistance for adult education and literacy council administrators and other instructional personnel necessary to plan and improve educational programs. Observe classroom instruction and provide feedback to instructional staff.
Provide technical assistance to adult education programs and literacy councils by interpreting federal and state regulations, answering questions, resolving problems, and advise local programs, etc. Evaluate program effectiveness through annual on-site visits, program reviews, and desk audits to ensure program compliance; review status and accountability reports of programs for compliance and performance. Monitor and approve federal and state grant budgets, amendments, expenditure reports, and project applications of adult education and literacy council programs.

Participate in the submission of federal and state reports; assist in data match and conducting the state and federal funding of programs, assist in writing policies and procedures, and federal state plans. Conduct workshops and presentations during local meetings and professional conferences.
Exercise responsible discretion and good judgement to protect the integrity of all confidential client, student, and employee information. Develop and recommend new and revised policies and procedures to respond to changes in the programs and service needs, objectives, and priorities and to improve the effectiveness of the operations. Coordinate adult education programs and services with educational institutions, businesses, industries, and community and professional organizations to ensure adherence to administrative directives; and to maximize the integration and delivery of the programs and services.

How to Apply: online at
Position Number:22150730 Class Code: E062C Grade: GS09

Education and Professional Work Experience
The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in education, business administration, a field directly related to the assigned program area, or a related field; plus, four (4) years of experience in the field of education or in a closely related field are required. Related fields for the Curriculum Specialist are: reading, language arts, instructional design, curriculum specialist, linguistics, vocational education, career and technical education. Preferred Qualification
A Master’s degree in education, business administration, reading, language arts, instructional design, curriculum specialist, linguistics, vocational education, career and technical education, or in a closely related field is required. Two (2) years of professional experience in curriculum development is desired, using multi-media development applications. Strong analysis and information gathering skills is required. Experience in training, mentoring, and delivering professional development is essential. Grant management experience is also desired. Four (4) years of successful teaching experience and a minimum of two years of curriculum development, preferably in adult and/or workplace education are desired. Familiarity with Adult Education and College and Career Readiness Standards is essential. Knowledge of assessment, curriculum design, development, instructional processes, and strategies based on research in adult learning and development is needed for this position.
Professional experience in teaching or working with special populations such as English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) students, adult learners, and at-risk students, including those in a correctional environment is required. This position requires the ability to analyze data to prepare qualitative and quantitative reports. The Curriculum Specialist Program Advisor must demonstrate initiative as a self-starter, be analytically astute, exercise responsible discretion and judgment, and be highly motivated to competently achieve performance expectations, with minimal supervision. Critical thinking skills and a high level of integrity is essential to be successful as the Program Advisor. Strong writing, collaborative and verbal communication skills are essential. Arkansas Department of Career Education

Strong interpersonal skills and public presentation skills are required. Knowledge of and the effective application of grammar, punctuation, and syntax rules is required to achieve the writing standard. Public presentation experience is needed. Management and organizational skills, with attention to detail are required. Proficient application of Microsoft application is essential, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.