Alumni Memberships

Alumni Membership at the HPER


1.  Must be a member of the UCA Alumni Association.
2.  HPER Alumni members will have access to the HPER Center and the Farris Center Pool.
3.  Available HPER Center hours for Alumni members:

  • Monday-Friday  6:00am-2:00pm
  • Saturday            10:00am-3:00pm
  • Farris Center Pool Hours:  All hours the pool is open

4.  Alumni Membership Fees

Alumni Memberships Prices
5.  Alumni membership will be payable for the entire membership period.  No monthly billing.
6.  Membership Defined:

  • Individual – The Alum
  • Spouse – The Alum’s spouse
  • Family – The Alum, spouse, and children.  Must be 18 years old to use the HPER Center.

7.  Alumni HPER  Membership card:

  • The UCA Alumni Association will issue ID cards.
  • Each ID card will have a unique member number and  expiration date for the Alumni Association.

8.  The Alumni must visit the HPER Center main office to join.

9.  Parking is available (parking meters or parking tag issued through UCAPD).

10.If an Alumni Association membership expires during HPER membership period, the HPER Center will honor HPER membership up to the next HPER membership period.