Zaida Gomez-Kramer, D.A.

Senior Lecturer


(501) 450-3213


D.A., Catholic University of America, 1990.

Started at UCA in 1999

Courses Taught:

Biology for General Education

Microbiology in Human Affairs

Pathogenic Microbiology

Human Anatomy & Physiology


I am a registered medical technologist who has been in the education field for the past 24 years. Although I consider myself a human biologist, my areas of study and expertise walk on the path of microbiology, both general and medical, and also human anatomy and physiology. I have research experience from my graduate work. At that time I developed and tested the animal model for a new anti-malarial compound, 5-fluoroorotic acid, a pyrimidine analog. After a few years at the bench, I became involved with higher education and later diversify the population taught from professionals to high school seniors. Education and microbiology are the great passions of my life, together with a rich and busy family life. Although I do not conduct research, I have mentored honor students in their honors thesis, serve as member in graduate thesis committees, and participate actively in science fair projects as mentor and judge. I have a real interest in the future of science education and the impact colleges and college faculty and students can have on the quality of grade school education. I coordinate and participate in science nights for both public and private schools. I am always available to share my experiences and advise a large number of biology majors and pre-med students. I am an active member of the premed committee.