John Choinski, Ph.D.


LSC 022

(501) 450-5918


Ph.D., Botany, Arizona State University, 1978.

Started at UCA in 1984

Courses Taught:

Principles of Biology I

Economic Botany

Plant Ecophysiology

Organisms in Extreme Environments

Research Interests:

Plant Ecophysiology/Photosynthesis and Leaf Development

Research Website:

Selected Publications:

Snider, J.L., J.S. Choinski, Jr. and W. Slaton. 2010. Differences in photosynthetic temperature optima of leaf developmental stages in Rhus glabra L. Botany 80:286-289.

Choinski, J.S., Jr. and K.S. Gould. 2010. Immature leaves of Weinmannia racemosa are more heat tolerant than mature leaves based on differences in chlorophyll a fluorescence, fatty acid composition and solute leakage. N. Zeal. J. Bot. 48: 163-177.

Hall, TD, Chastain, D.R., Horn, P.J., Chapman K.D. and J.S. Choinski, Jr. 2014. Changes during leaf expansion of øPSII temperature optima in Gossypium hirsutum are associated with the degree of fatty acid lipid saturation. Journal of Plant Physiology 171(6): 411-20.