Wellness Updates

  1. Starting November 19th, 2018, you can log activities, preventative care, and lifestyle rewards on your myhealthcheck360.com portal in anticipation of the October 31, 2019 deadline.
  2. Employees who wish to participate are asked to submit a biometric screening and complete a Health Risk Assessment survey* to receive the medical insurance premium discount. If you submit these two activities prior to October 31st, 2019, you are eligible for a $20/month discount. If you submit these activities and score at least a 75/100 OR improve by 5+ points from last year, you can earn a total of a $30/month discount. See HERE for more information on scoring.
  3. Biometric screenings will be offered on campus in April. This is a quick and efficient option – if you are screened on campus, no forms are submitted as the information is automatically fed to HealthCheck360. However, you can use your primary care provider (PCP) if you choose and we encourage ALL faculty and staff to establish a relationship with a PCP and continue to see them regularly. We will send sign-up links as the date approaches.
  4. If you wish to submit Lifestyle Rewards** for those activities you are likely already doing, you can earn BearBucks***. There are three levels and you can decide which level you want to meet!
    • 150 points = $50 in BearBucks
    • 200 points = $75 in BearBucks
    • 250 points = $100 in BearBucks

*Health Risk Assessment Survey is available only after the biometric screening is completed.
**See Activity List HERE for how to earn points
***BearBucks are taxed as income

If you are unable to meet a health outcome for an incentive under the HealthCheck360 Program, you can work with HealthCheck360 and, if you wish, your primary care physician for an opportunity to earn the same incentive through a reasonable alternative process. To speak with a representative about what options are available to you, contact HealthCheck360 at 1-866-511-0360 by April 1, 2019.