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This Summer, University of Central Arkansas is helping employees swing into health with Grand Slam, a new activity challenge offered by HealthCheck360. This challenge is for Rookies and MVPs of all activity and skill levels. If you’re already active, we encourage you to increase the intensity, duration, or frequency of your activities. If you’re not active yet, take advantage of this opportunity and begin an exercise routine!


Grand Slam begins on 07/25/2018 and plays through 08/28/2018. Players will register and log their activity on Results are available in real time on our online leader boards. Four completers will be put into a drawing if they complete 120 minutes of activity each week of the challenge. The prize is choice of $50 in BearBucks or a Garmin VivoFit.TO REGISTER:
1. Log in to
2. Click on “Challenges”
3. Click on “Grand Slam” under “Available Challenges”
4. Click “Join Challenge”

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Play Ball!

WATER WORKS Challenge ended July 9th.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following WATER WORKS Challenge winners!
Overall Winner:  Eric Bowne
Week One Winners
  • Kim Eskola
  • Sandy Burks
  • Leitha Smith
Week Two Winners
  • Mark White
  • Bertha Acosta Orozco
  • Kim Newman
Week Three Winners
  • Lina Oconnell
  • Jacqui Rainey
  • Tyra Phillips

Week Four Winners

  • Krista Peppers
  • Adam Hensley
  • Valerie Nicholson


The Launch Into Health Challenge ended June 4th.

Week One Winners

  • Moriah Bruner
  • Melissa Pearson
  • Angela Jackson

Week Two Winners

  • Sharla Ashcraft
  • Jared Wood
  • Amber Wofford

Week Three Winners

  • Alice Barnes
  • Mary Ann Frisby
  • Suzanne Johnston

Week Four Winners

  • Duncan McKinnon
  • Leanna Mcclendon
  • Ron Duggins

Grand Prize Winners

  • Ary Servedio
  • Laci Lyons
  • Shawn Charlton