BeWell Champions

BeWell Champions (BWC) are faculty or staff members at UCA who are passionate about good health and believe in the value of improving one’s health and supports the benefits of our BeWell Program. These individuals will serve as the front line in their areas to disseminate information from BeWell and be the local sounding board to bring back ideas, suggestions, and concerns. You do not need to be in “perfect health”, but you do need to model healthy behaviors to help motivate and support your co-workers in an effort to develop a culture of wellness across our campus.

BeWell Champion Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Attend an initial orientation meeting with Employee Wellness Committee (BWC) chair.
  2. Attend a quarterly meeting (dates/times TBD).
  3. Attend 1-2 BWC meetings per semester.
  4. Serve as a liaison between BeWell Committee and your unit/department/building.
  5. Serve as a trusted source (first point of contact) for collecting feedback and input from employees in your area.
  6. Disseminate communications to promote upcoming wellness initiatives/programs/events.
  7. Encourage your buildings’ participation in wellness initiatives/program/events.
  8. Create excitement and motivate others in your area.
  9. Support the BeWell program by providing insight into wellness programming.
  10. Possibly lead walking groups or other activities to encourage, motivate and hold accountable other faculty and staff within your unit/department/building.

If you are interested in being a BeWell Champion, please contact


Angela Webster
April Davies
Brenda Herring
Cheryl Lyons
Graham Gillis
Jenna Davidson
Jennifer Newton
John Parrack
Kim Eskola
Laci Lyons
Lisa Christman
Lynn Burley
Moriah Bruner
Rebekah Luong
Shaneil Ealy
Suzanne Massey
Taylor May
Vicki Parish