Pearson elected as Southwestern Regional Representative

pearsonDr. Mary Pearson, assistant professor in the Early Childhood and Special Education department, was recently elected as the Southwestern Regional Representative to the Council for Exceptional Children’s (CEC) Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT). Dr. Pearson will be representing all of the southwestern states, countries, and territories which include Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, California, Mexico, Louisiana, Arizona, and some U.S. territories. She will be working with DCDT over the next two years to increase membership throughout the southwestern region, and keep members and state level DCDT leadership abreast of all important information from the organization. DCDT focuses on the secondary and post-secondary level of special education, including assisting students with all types of disabilities and exceptionalities to make successful transitions from public school to adult life. The focus is on all areas of life including employment, transition to independent housing, post-secondary education, and building inclusive communities in which all can live, work, and grow. In accepting the position, Dr. Pearson said, “I’m very excited to be the Southwestern Regional Representative for CEC’s DCDT! When I was elected, many who already serve on the board stated that they were excited that someone from Arkansas is going to be on the board to represent the Southwestern Region, as there has not been someone involved from Arkansas for a while. So, I’m especially excited to make a difference in Arkansas and all the other states as well!” The College of Education congratulates Dr. Pearson for this national appointment, which strengthens our mission of service and outreach.