Career Services Highlights

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the Career Services Center met and exceeded all of their goals. One major goal is to recruit and retain employers for internship and full-time employment for UCA students. Career Services host four (4) Career Fairs yearly: Health Fair, Fall Career Fair, Teachers’ Fair and Spring Job Fair. The fairs are strategically led by Dr. Kathy Rice-Clayborn, director. These fairs are the Career Services Center main events. This year a record-breaking number of employers registered for the career fairs.

Liz Davis, associate director of Cooperative Education, significantly increased the number of companies recruiting UCA students for internships and increased the number of companies participating in the Annual Internship Banquet. Along with recruiting companies, she also recruited campus partners to participate in the Internship Banquet: College of Business, College of Liberal Arts, College of Fine Arts and Communications, and College of Natural Science and Mathematics.

In an effort to continue to serve students, new innovate programs were created and successfully implemented. Under the direction of Tiffany Johnson, associate director of Career Services, the center created and implemented the Work Study Student of the Year Program during the 2013-2014 academic school year. The purpose of this event was to celebrate an outstanding student worker. Career Services received 21 nominations. The winner was judged based on their outstanding accomplishment(s), initiative to go above and beyond and overall contribution to their department. The competition was judged by a committee of five. The winner received a plaque, gift card to a major retailer and a gift certificate to a restaurant.

Johnson also implemented and managed a new model “Jacket Program.” Career Services secured funding from employers to purchase business suits for some of the executive board of the Student Support Staff (SSS). Student staff will serve as role models to other students on how to dress for success during events.

Career Services continues to be the training center for the state. Pulaski Technical College joined the many other institutions who have requested to tour the Center and meet with staff to discuss programs and Strategic Marketing Plan. Johnson facilitated the visit.

To ensure that the staff is qualified and prepared, further training and professional development was completed by associate directors in the center. Both Johnson and Davis completed the National Association for Colleges and Employers Management Leadership Institute Program. The training took place in Scottsdale, Arizona. The MLI is an intensive program for career services professionals who have recently assumed leadership roles.

The mission of the Career Services Department is to assist students in maximizing their college career by preparing for graduation through guidance and resources for their life-long career development.