27th annual FACS alumni luncheon

The 27th annual FACS alumni luncheon was held on April 23, 2014 on the UCA campus. Approximately 100 people attended this year’s luncheon. Attendees enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Dr. Amy Beard entitled “Hippocrates Health.” Dr. Beard shared her philosophy of concierge medicine and encouraged students and alumni to embrace entrepreneurship.

Two scholarship funds were endowed this year: the Georg Andersen Endowed Scholarship and the Dr. Mary Harlan Endowed Scholarship! Additionally two new scholarship funds were announced. One scholarship fund has been established for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in nutrition named in honor of Dr. Nina Roofe. Another scholarship has been established for interior design majors.

This year 11 scholarships were awarded during the Alumni Luncheon:

  • Adams-Lindsay-Webb Endowed Scholarship presented to Chelsea Ray and Emily Ready.
  • Cecily Coffelt-Bullard Endowed Scholarship awarded to Anna Junkans and Caroline Fridell.
  • Grace Dupree Endowed Scholarship presented to Tejaswini Mirji.
  • Martha Stone Harding Endowed Scholarship awarded to Summer Joiner.
  • Dr. Mary Harlan Endowed Scholarship given to Robin Gipson.
  • Mary Ann and Andrew Hiegal Endowed Scholarship given to Angela Bradshaw and Daniela Utrera.
  • Roy C. and Dollie Randleman Holl Endowed Scholarship awarded to Heather Estetter.
  • Nina Russ Endowed Scholarship given to Ariel Jones.
  • Connie Westbrook Scholarship presented to Anna Crawford.

If you would like to contribute to any of these FACS scholarship funds, please contact the UCA Foundation Office, Buffalo Alumni Hall, UCA or call 501-450-5288.

Dr. Art Gillaspy presented the Distinguished Alumnae Award to Dr. Amy Beard

Dr. Art Gillaspy presented the Distinguished Alumnae Award to Dr. Amy Beard