Student Evaluation of Teachers Committee


The Student Evaluation of Teachers Committee (SET) will periodically review and update the evaluation instrument, and oversee all procedures and guidelines associated with student evaluations.


The Student Evaluation of Teachers Committee will:

  1. periodically review and update a standard evaluation instrument for traditional classes
  2. develop and periodically review any evaluation instrument used for other types of classes (online, internship, directed study, etc.) as needed
  3. validate instruments through voluntary pilot testing if deemed necessary
  4. develop standard procedures for administration of the evaluations
  5. develop guidelines for use of data
  6. evaluate the effectiveness of the instrument, administration procedures and use of data guidelines
  7. openly communicate all SET committee activities to the university community
  8. present SET Committee work to the Faculty Senate in an annual report


  1. Director of Academic Assessment, who serves as chair.
  2. One faculty member from each of the six academic colleges to serve staggered three year terms.
  3. One faculty member from Honors, University College or the Library to serve a three year term.
  4. Four undergraduate students, appointed by SGA, for one year terms.
  5. A graduate student, appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, for a one year term.


Brandon Combs, ChairAcademic AffairsPermanentDirector of Assessment
Jeff HillCollege of Business2019Faculty Senate Appointee
Alana ReidCollege of Liberal Arts2018Faculty Senate Appointee
Mary Ann CampbellCollege of Health and Behavioral Sciences2019Faculty Senate Appointee
Stephen FeldmanCollege of Fine Arts & Communication2018Faculty Senate Appointee
Candice BarnesCollege of Education2018Faculty Senate Appointee
Calin MarianCollege of Natural Sciences and Mathematics2019Faculty Senate Appointee
Donna Bowman (Honors)Unaffiliated/Honors2019Faculty Senate Appointee
VacantUndergraduate Student2019SGA Appointee
VacantUndergraduate Student2019SGA Appointee
VacantUndergraduate Student2019SGA Appointee
VacantUndergraduate Student2019SGA Appointee
VacantGraduate Student2019Dean of Graduate School Appointee


Monthly September through May

Reports to


Minutes to Chair of Committee on Committees

Last updated on November 11, 2015

Committee Files

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesAttachments
01.13.2017AgendaMinutesSET Committee Recommendation to Faculty Senate RE: Withdrawals & Drops [see, Annual Report]
03.31.2017AgendaMinuteseXplorance Implementation Link
04.12.2017Faculty Senate PresentationAnnual ReportProposed Question Set
01.19.2018AgendaMinutes Pending