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Vertical Files


(The information contained in these files have been collected to represent the specific subject areas.  The files contain general and specific information, which may aid in the research process)

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-Abortion Debate


-Actors (3 Files)



-Agriculture, Crops

-Agriculture, Farm Bureau, Etc.

-Air Force

-American Forum




-Arkansas Artists Registry

-Arkansas Association of Childhood Education

-Arkansas Athletic Association

-Arkansas Authors A-C

-Arkansas Authors D-K

-Arkansas Authors L-R

-Arkansas Authors S

-Arkansas Authors T- Z

-Arkansas Authors Misc.

-Arkansas Business

-Arkansas Capitols (2 Files)

-Arkansas Codes and Regulations

-Arkansas Colleges

-Arkansas Dept. of Education

-Arkansas Dept. of Labor

-Arkansas Facts

-Arkansas Fiction: Poetry and Folklore

-Arkansas General (3 Files)

-Arkansas Historical Association

-Arkansas Legislative Report

-Arkansas Parks (3 Files)

-Arkansas Personnel Highlights

-Arkansas Traveler


-Armies, ROTC

-Art (4 Files)

-Artists (2 Files)

-Athletics (UCA) Dept.

-Atomic energy


Drawer 2



-Biographies (2 Files)


-Black History





-Brooks- Baxter War

-Brummett, John (Journalist)

-Buildings (4 Files)


-California Gold Rush





-Census (2 Files 1980 – 1990)

-Chamber of Commerce, Conway (2 Files)

-Chamber of Commerce, State


-Churches (Religion)

-Cities & Towns – General




–Arkansas City

–Arkansas Post

–Ash Flat





–Bald Knob





–Ben Hur




–Blanchard Springs



–Bunker Hill

–Buffalo City



–Calico Rock


–Cammack Village

–Cane Hill


–Cato Community

–Cave Springs

–Center Point






–Cherokee Village

–College Station

–Conway (4 Files)

–Conway, Maps

–Cotton Plant


–Crowley’s Ridge









–Des Arc

–DeValls Bluff



–Dodd City





–El Dorado

–Elixer Springs


–Elm Springs

–El Paso


–Eureka Springs

–Evening Shade


–Fifty – Six







–Forrest City

–Fort Smith





–Grand Glaise

–Grand Prairie

–Green Forest





–Gum Springs

–Happy Hollow




–Heber Springs



–Hickory Ridge




–Hot Springs










Drawer 3

Cities & Towns – General

–Lake Village


–Lead Hill







–Little Rock (4 Files)




–Lost Valley


–Marked Tree






–Marble Falls






–Monte Ne



–Mount Holly

–Mount Vernon

–Mountain Crest

–Mountain Home

–Mountain View

–Mountain Village







–North Fork

–North Little Rock ( 5 Files)

–Oil Trough






–Park Hill


–Pea Ridge




–Pine Bluff

–Pine Ridge




–Pleasant Plains




–Prairie Grover



–Promise Land


–Ravenden Springs






–Rose City


–Round Mountain









–Siloam Springs






–St. Charles

–St. Francis

–St. Joe

–St. Paul


–Star City

–Stony Point


–Sulphur Rock

–Sulphur Springs



–Three Brothers







–Walnut Hill

–Walnut Ridge



–West Memphis

–West Point





-Civil Rights

-Civil War

-Civilian Defense

-Clinton Presidency


-Colleges & Universities, State

-Colleges & Universities, Hendrix College

-Colleges, Misc.

-Community Planning


-Congressional Districts

-Congressmen – General






–Clarke, Caraway, Fagan

–Fulbright (3 Files)


-Congressmen G – L

-Congressmen M – Z







Drawer 4

-Chronicles of Arkansas


-Constitutional Convention (2 Files)

-Constitutional Revision (2 Files)


-Counties and County Seats

-Counties, General

-Counties, Arkansas





























–Hot Springs











–Little River






















–St. Francis








–Van Buren






-Creation, Science & Evolution

-Crime & Criminals

-Crops, Rice

-Crops, Cotton


-Dams (2 Files)

-Dams – Lock & Dams

-Democratic Party

-Description & Travel

-Disasters & Accidents, etc.

-Displaced Persons in Arkansas

-Economic Conditions

-Education, Adult

-Education, General (3 Files)

-Education, Handicapped Children

-Education History, Finances

-Education, Rural


-Elections, Issues of 1982

-Electric Power


-Ethics Initiative

-Evolution / Anti – Evolution Law

-Explorers & Early travelers


 Drawer 5


-Farm Produce, Marketing


-Farms, Winrock

-Faulkner County Historical Society






-Folklore & Legends

-Forests & Forestry



-Game and Fish Commission

-Gann Museum Newsletter

-Gas Company, Arkansas

-Gas Company, Louisiana


-Government, County

-Government, State


–Adkins, Homer

–Bailey, Carl E.

–Brough, Chas. H.

–Bumper, Dale

–Cherry, Francis

–Clarke, James D.

–Clinton, Bill – Governor of Arkansas

— 1992 Presidential Election [Oct. 4, 1991 –Jan. 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [Feb-March 1992]

—1992 Presidential Election [April -June 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [July 1-16, 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [July 17-30, 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [Aug. 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [Sept. 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [Oct. 1-17, 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [Oct. 18-30, 1992]

— 1992 Presidential Election [Nov. 1-3, 1992]

— President-Elect [Nov. 4-5, 1992]

— President-Elect [Nov. 5-19, 1992]

— President-Elect [Nov. 23-30, 1992]

— President-Elect [Dec. 1992]


Drawer 6


–Clinton, Bill- President-Elect [January 1993 + Undated]

— President [Jan.1992]

— President [Feb. 1992]

— President [March – Aug. 1992]

— President [1994-1995]

—White Water

— President [1997]

— 2nd Presidential Election and 2nd Inauguration

— The Starr/Independent Council Investigation

— President [Undated]

-Governors; Conway, Elias

–Conway, James

–Davis, Jeff

–Donaghey, George W.

–Drew, Thomas

–Faubus, Orval

–Flanigan, Harris

–Futrell, J. Marion

–Garland, Augustus H.

–Huckabee, Mike

–Izard, Mark W.

–Laney, Ben Travis


–Martineau, John Ellis

–McMath, Sidney

–McRae, Thomas C.

–Miller, James

–Parnell, Harvey

–Pope, John

–Roane, John S.

–Rockefeller, Winthrop

–Tucker, Jim Guy

–Yell, Archibald



-Health, Blue Cross & Blue Shield 1983 Blue book

-Highways, Arkansas

-Hillcrest Highlights

-Historic Preservation

-History, Civil War

-History, “From the Past” and :Fragment of the Past Generation”

-History, General

-History, Mexican War

-History, Mountain Meadows Massacre

-History, 10,000 years of Arkansas history



-Hospitals (2 Files)

-Hotels and Taverns


-Human Relations



-Industry (4 Files)

-Insurance, Arkansas



-Japanese Relocation Center (2 Files)

-Juvenile Delinquency


Drawer 7

-Kennedy, John F. (4 Files)


-Land Grants


-The Legacy, Arkansas Women’s History Institute

-Legislators (2 Files)

-Libraries (6 Files)

-Libraries, American Library Association

-Libraries, Arkansas Library Association

-Libraries, Arkansas Student Librarians Association

-Libraries, Conferences, Meetings, etc (2 files)

-Libraries, Faulkner County Library

-Libraries, Handbooks, Manuals, etc.

-Libraries, Slice


-Maps, Arkansas

-Maps, County

-Mental Health

-“Merci Train”

-Merger, U of A and L.R.U.

-Missing In Action

-Military Camps

-Military Roads

-Mines & Mineral Resources (Arkansas)

-Military Roads

-Mines & Mineral Resources (Arkansas)


-Mountains (see also Ozark Mountains)





-National Guard

-National Register



-News Letters

-News Summaries (Annual)


— The Conway Democrat

— Conway Log Cabin June 15, 1882

— Conway Log Cabin July 21, 1888

— Conway Weekly Log Cabin February 10, 1893

— Log Cabin Democrat April 21, 1973

— Conway The Faulkner County Wheel

— Conway The Ledger Democrat

— Conway The Populist

— Little Rock Arkansas Democrat Gazette Oct. 18, 1996

— Little Rock Arkansas Gazette Nov. 20, 1819

— Little Rock Arkansas Gazette Aug. 11, 1881, Nov. 10, 1881, Jan. 15, 1883

— Little Rock The Arkansas State Press April 11, 1984

— Little Rock The Rural Southwest March 1883

— Monte Ne The Liberty Bell June 12, 1935

— Mt. Ida Arkansas Hillbilly April 14, 1920

— Paris The Serpent Sept. 8, 1887 & Logan County Journal Nov. 30, 1899

–Weekly Spectrum – Oct 30-Nov 5, 1991 (Special Commemorative Gazette Tribute)

– Newspapers, Micsellaneous Articles

-Nuclear Energy

-Oil and Gas

-Operation Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War)

-Ouachita National Forrest

-Ozark Mountains, General



Drawer 8

-Parent Teacher Association

-People-(6 Files)

-People, Arkansans of the Year


-Planned Parenthood






-Politics, Democratic Party

-Postal Service

-Presidents of the United States in Arkansas Press

-Prison System (Ark.)



-Public Health




-Reapportionment / Redistricting Arkansas


-Recreation (2 Files)

-Red Cross






-Rivers (2 Files)

-River Navigation & Development


-Schools (2 Files)


-Secret Societies

-Social & Rehabilitation Services

-Segregation, Social, in education

-Seeds Newsletter

-Short Stories

-Signs & Symbols (See also flags)



-Shiloh Museum

-Space, Lunar Landing

-Sports (2 Files)


Drawer 9

-Springs, Arkansas

-State Institutions

-State Institutions, Children’s Colony

-State Institutions, Confederate Home

-State Institutions, Hospitals

-State Institutions, School for the Blind

-State Institutions, School for the Deaf

-State Institutions, Tuberculosis Sanatorium

-Steam Boats








-Territorial Times


-Title I

-Title II


-Toad Suck



-ULAR journalist


-U.S. Army corps of Engineers


-Veterans, ASTC

-Veterans Confederate

-Vocational Rehabilitation


-Walton, Sam

-War, Heroes

-War, Funds

-War, Memorials

-Water Development





-Words, Names, etc

-World War I

-World War II

-World War II Casualties

-Writer’s Conference

-Writers (A-M)

-Writers (N-Z)

-Youth Organizations


Drawer 10

Charlie May Simon Children’s Book Award Book Award Files

-Arkansas Elementary Council

-Authors, Winning (including letters and biographical information)

-Awards, Other States

-Background Information about Simon Award Children’s Book Council

-Committees, Book Selection

-Communications (Not Dated)

-Correspondence; 1964-1986 (Files for Each Year)

-Faulk, Lillian – Book Reviews

-Reading Lists, Development: 1970-1985 (Files for Each Year)

-Reading Lists, Development: Final

-School Participation

-Simon, Charlie May (Biographical Information, Letters, and Pictures)


-Voting, Ballots Used

-Voting, Tabulation of Ballots from Schools


-Winners and Reading Lists


Drawer 11

American Association of University Women (A.A.U.W.)

File 1 – Information on AAUW

File 2 – Branch Leaders

File 3 – Branch Report

File 4 – Newsletters

File 5 – Board Meetings

File 6 – Information on Guest Speakers

File 7 – Correspondence (Outgoing)

File 8 – Correspondence (Incoming)

File 9 – University Women International

File 10 – Proposed Changes to Bylaws

File 11 – Bylaws

File 12 – Newspaper Articles

File 13a – History of AAUW

File 13b – History of AAUW

File 14 – “Why Go to College?”

File 15 – Miscellaneous Receptions

File 16 – Poem for AAUW Fellowship Program

File 17 – Receipts

File 18 – Pictures

File 19 – Arkansas State Division Bulletin

File 20 – Miscellaneous Financial

File 21 – Quarterly Financial Reports

File 22 – Monthly Financial Reports

File 23 – Yearly Financial Reports

File 24 – Proposed Budgets

File 25 – Membership Reports

File 26 – Biennial Convention Pamphlets

File 27 – ERA

File 28 – Miscellaneous

File 29 – Surveys

File 30 – Planning Calendars – 1979-1981

File 31 – ‘Change of Officer’ Forms

File 32 – General Director’s Letter

File 33 – Yearbooks 1948-1986

File 34 – Minutes of Meetings 1932-1938

File 35 – Minutes of Meetings 1946-1949

File 36 – Minutes of Meetings 1960-1961, 1965-1968

File 37 – Minutes of Meetings 1967-1970

File 38 – Minutes of Meetings 1971-1973

File 39 – Minutes of Meetings 1973- 1975

File 40 – Minutes of Meetings 1976-1986