Photograph Services

  • High quality, publish ready scan (600 dpi) jpeg file by email:  $0.50 per photo
  • High quality, publish ready scan (600 dpi) jpeg file on CD:  $1.00 per CD

Audio/Visual Services

If you have found a audio or video recording in a collection that you would like a copy of we can duplicate the recording, depending on the source and it’s copyright information.

  • Duplicating Cassette Tape/CD and e-mail of audio file:  $5.00 per transfer*
  • Duplicating Cassette Tape/CD on to CD or Tape:  $5.00 per transfer and $1.00 per CD/Tape
  • Duplicating VHS/DVD and e-mail of video file:  $5.00 per transfer**
  • Duplicating VHS/DVD to VHS or DVD:  $5.00 per transfer and $1.00 per DVD/Tape

*NOTE: Some of our oral histories are recorded on audio tapes, but are also transcribed into bound volumes. A copy of both the audio tape and transcribed material will include the cost of both services.

**NOTE: This feature may not be available for certain materials.

Printed Document Services

Here in the archives we have a vast collection of various printed material. This material can be duplicated by photocopying or scanning the document. We can show you how to use our copier if you would prefer to scan materials yourself. We can also e-mail you the materials after scanning them.

  • Photocopied by patron:  $0.05 per page (first twenty pages free)
  • Photocopied/scanned by staff:  $0.10 per page


  • Mailing any material through the USPS:  additional $3.00