News Parade WWII Videos

Castle Films (Known as Universal 8 in 1977) was a film distributor founded in California by former newsreel cameraman Eugene W. Castle (1897-1960) in 1924. During World War II it produced numerous documentary and training films for the U.S. armed services.

Note: These are Silent 16mm Reel-to-Reel Films from Castle Films. There are a total of six in this collection.

WARNING: Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised.


101. War in China



149. Yanks Invade Marshalls


150. Fight for Rome – Russia Smashing Offensive


153. Invasion of Fortress Europe – Rome Falls to the Allies


154. Paris Liberated – Yanks Recapture Guam!


155. Manila Liberated – Iwo Jima