Conserving Arkansas's Agricultural Heritage!

Endangered Ozark heirloom seeds are collected, cataloged, preserved, annually grown out, and then harvested and preserved in three local gardens.  See UCA Magazine's  featured story about Dr. Brian Campbell's research and student seed saving project. 

If you have heirloom seeds, family stories about Arkansas's agricultural heritage, or even regional recipes,  we want to hear from you!  Email Dr. Campbell at

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2008 Project Pictures--Slide Show

2008 Project Pictures--Slide Show #2

UCA's Heirloom Seed Research Project--Video

Victor Ray U.S. Agriculture Oral History Interview by Students Emily Brown and Jason Epperson--Video

Ozark Food Day in 2008 Anthropology of the Ozarks Class--Video

"Farmer in Chief"  (What the next president can and should do to remake the way we grow and eat our food), By MICHAEL POLLAN, October 12, 2008, NY Times--link to article