No-Show Policy

In an effort to provide equal time to all students, the Academic Advising Center enforces a no-show policy. This policy is not designed as a punishment; rather, it serves as a reminder to be respectful of fellow students’ time, as advising and registration appointments are in high demand and can be particularly difficult to come by during the busiest parts of the semester. A no-show deprives another student of the opportunity to meet with his or her advisor.

Additionally, because advisors must spend time preparing for each appointment, it allows that preparatory time to be used to its best purpose: providing accurate information and timely assistance to each of their students. A no-show takes away from advisors’ time to respond to student concerns via telephone and email.

A no-show, or missed appointment, is noted in the system if:

  • A student arrives more than 10 minutes late for an appointment
  • A student fails to cancel an appointment in advance, either via GradesFirst or an email to the assigned academic advisor
  • A student improperly cancels an appointment or notifies the advisor after-the-fact

After two no-shows, a student will be unable to schedule another advising appointment in GradesFirst. The next opportunity to meet with the advisor regarding registration for the following semester will be during designated no-show times, which advisors will schedule after the advance registration period. During these times, students will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis.