Graduation Application Procedures for Faculty Advisors

Outlined below are the steps for faculty advisors to follow when one of their advisees applies for graduation.

Group A: Departments partnering with the Academic Advising Center

The process works as follows:

1. Once a student has completed at least 80 hours, they are eligible to apply for graduation online here. The student should submit the graduation application one year in advance of their anticipated graduation date.

2. The Academic Advising Center generates a graduation application form using information the student has provided and completes Part I on page one of the application. The Academic Advising Center emails the graduation application to the student and faculty advisor with a message that it is the student’s responsibility to contact the faculty advisor during the current semester to meet and review the application.

3. The major faculty advisor should document the major classes and the Upper Division Core classes that the student is lacking on Part 2 of the application, review the entire application with them and answer any questions that the student may have. To help with this process, you may wish to complete the Graduation Checksheet with the student to review any outstanding requirements. The student must also sign the bottom of the second page of the application.

If it is determined that the student will not graduate in the semester they have applied for, they should complete a Term Change Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

4. The faculty advisor is responsible to return the entire, completed application to the Academic Advising Center in one of the following ways:

(1) scanned and sent via email to or

(2) delivered to Susan Peterson in Harrin Hall 134B

The department chair should decide what process their department will use to return the completed applications to the Academic Advising Center and communicate their decision to Susan Peterson​. Susan Peterson will do a final review of the completed applications and send them on the Registrar’s office.

5. Until the completed graduation application is returned to Susan Peterson, the student has not applied for graduation.​


Group B: Departments that complete the entire application 

The following departments have received approval from the Provost to process the entire graduation application within the department and send the completed and signed application to Susan Peterson.

College of Education

Communication Sciences and Disorders


Exercise and Sport Science



Physical Therapy

Athletic Training, PETE, and the Coaching Endorsement


For questions about the graduation application procedures, please contact Susan Peterson at (501) 852-2790 or