Dedrick “Shun” Ingram

College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Advisor

Harrin Hall 118

(501) 450-5259

Why I Do What I Do:

My why is to help students reach the goals they set for themselves and to feel confident as they make wise decisions that will determine a great future for them.


I believe that true success is when you find that thing that truly makes you happy and that you were created to do. For some, it may mean having a job that makes a lot of money. While for others, it simply means to leave a lasting impact on people’s lives through doing the things that you love. Personally, I think people are truly successful when they strive to do good and set others up to win and achieve.


About Shun:

When he’s not working, Shun enjoys volunteering, reading, playing sports, going on spontaneous adventures with friends, and writing.