Female student playing instrumentI love UCA.  Growing up in Conway around the university, I came to work with my dad in the band room on numerous occasions.  I also attended Dixie Band Camp on UCA’s campus every summer for 18 years, and have now returned as a UCA student worker.  These were the beginnings of my time at the university,but what I now love most about UCA is the people.

The faculty here makes you feel important.  They do their very best to make sure you learn and are well prepared for your future.  Whether it’s organizing a study abroad trip, teaching a halftime show, or demonstrating an elementary music lesson plan, UCA’s faculty and staff are focused on the students and our future.  My fellow students are incredible as well!  Walking around UCA makes you feel at home.  There are no strangers among us Bears; there is always someone ready to help when you need it.