Female student talking outsideUCA is a beautiful campus. When I came here to interview with the Honors College, I instantly fell in love with UCA. It’s a large campus but there is a strong feeling of community – it has the best of both worlds. I am a double major in sociology and international studies, and the professors put in extra effort to make sure that I am on track to succeed.

Through UCA, I was able to spend a summer in South Africa and work with a non-profit there to assist students and help out with an after-school program. That was a life-changing experience that taught me how to live on my own while at the same time earning credit for an internship.

One of the most rewarding involvements I’ve had here has been my time as a resident assistant at Bear Village. I knew UCA was a diverse campus, but getting to know all of the 60 residents in my building has helped me learn a lot about other cultures, and it sparked my interest in international studies!

UCA gives everyone so many opportunities to be involved in different aspects of student life. I love the environment created here.