Undecided Majors

You may not have decided what major is the right fit for you, but you can be sure that your studies at the University of Central Arkansas will offer you the opportunity to explore your passions and expand your global awareness through the broad foundational knowledge you need to become a well-rounded, informed, and thoughtful citizen in an increasingly connected world. Our curriculum is rooted in the mission of creating lifelong learners, who are dedicated to the service of their communities and fully prepared to launch successful careers in whatever field they choose.

The advantages of a degree from the University of Central Arkansas include:

  • Clustered Classes: 70% of our students participate in learning communities, which give them a group of like-minded students to study with throughout their matriculation, as well as expert faculty who know their names and ambition, and work with them throughout their education to provide personalized tools for success. We also craft service-learning opportunities for our students in the local community, to give them hands-on experience and reinforce the knowledge they gain in class.
  • Global Study: All of our courses cater to the worldwide context of learning that is becoming a necessity in this era of international commerce, social interaction, and cultural exchange. The requirements of our degree programs include classes specifically dedicated to exploring the traditions and current realities of other countries and cultures, as well as the understanding of another language, such as French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Student Focus: UCA offers a Freshman Seminar for incoming students, to develop their study and time management skills, prepare them for collegiate coursework, and make them more effective learners. We also have incorporated student focus groups, which provide our students with access to and advice from potential future employers, including job interview, resume, and portfolio building skills, discussion of current innovations in their fields, and professional networking within the community.

Whatever your interests, at the University of Central Arkansas we offer customizable majors designed to engage your critical and creative abilities and hone your theoretical knowledge and practical skills into a degree that will provide you with a competitive edge in the global job market. Take a look at our available majors, talk with the helpful staff in our Admissions office, and begin defining the educational experience you seek!