World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Do you want to learn another language and explore the literature and culture of societies around the world? The World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department at the University of Central Arkansas can provide you with an intermediate or advanced level of language proficiency in French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese and extensive study of the literature, films, and cultural history of foreign nations. You can study important cultural differences, for example: the ways in which the beliefs of other societies about food, marriage, family, celebrations, religion, and death differ from our own, thereby developing your global cultural awareness and professional appeal in an increasingly interconnected world. You can major in anything and supplement your degree with a minor in French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Latin American Studies, or you can major (or even double major with another degree) in French or Spanish.

Through the World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department at UCA, you’ll have access to all of the distinct advantages that make the UCA experience special. Just a few of the benefits of our program include:

  • Expert Faculty who are deeply committed to the success of students in the classroom and in the future. Our instructors provide individual attention and mentoring, along with undergraduate research projects, service learning opportunities (such as engagement with area Hispanic populations), and innovative teaching methodologies. They have cultivated an immersive and interactive classroom environment, incorporating conversational simulations, language games, modeled communication scenarios, and multimedia audiovisual software.
  • Hands-On Learning with access to our state-of-the-art Language Learning Center equipped with 30 networked computers, multimedia language software, and tutors available to all students. Additionally, UCA works with the Community Language School, which offers language-learning courses for children and adults that are taught by UCA students. Our department has also developed extensive student exchange agreements with universities in Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, and Mexico, at no additional cost beyond UCA tuition. This provides our students with total cultural and linguistic immersion opportunities for a summer, a semester, or even a year – which impacts not only their learning, but their lives. Scholarships to support Study Abroad experience are also available.
  • Educating for Global Engagement (EDGE) offers students internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and study abroad opportunities, such as travel to the British Isles, France, and Italy. To find out more about the possibilities associated with this program, visit the EDGE webpage at:
  • Opportunities for social interaction with international students and foreign cultures are provided by many student organizations, including the Chinese Scholars and Student Association, the Kazakh International Club, the Indian, Muslim, Saudi, Turkish, and Vietnamese student associations. In addition, the World Languages Club promotes student engagement with peers, faculty, and international professionals through a variety of campus events and community activities, such as showing foreign language films, bringing guest speakers to campus, and providing volunteer opportunities in the Conway area.
  • Employment Opportunities are excellent in the current job market, as language proficiency is highly valued by national and international companies in a variety of fields. Recent alumni have been hired by the Heifer International Project, Winrock International, the Peace Corps, Kimberly Clark, Acxiom, and US Immigration and Naturalization Services. Other career opportunities include: airlines and airports, translation and interpreter services, law enforcement, television networks, courts, financial institutions, cruise lines, English language institutes, foreign news agencies, healthcare organizations, Social Services agencies, professional language schools, and even federal government organizations, such as the CIA, DEA, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities for personal and professional development available to you through the World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department at the University of Central Arkansas, visit