Are you searching for a career that utilizes your talent with the written word? The Writing major at the University of Central Arkansas can equip you with the technical and applied skills you need to pursue a successful profession as an editor, publisher, educator, or technical or professional writer in a variety of fields. We offer internships and a diverse curriculum that will prepare you for the information-rich workplace through courses designed to develop your rhetorical, analytical, and audience-sensitive communication skills, such as writing, editing, and publishing in the workplace, writing for social change, and writing for digital media.

As a Writing major at UCA, you’ll have access to all of the distinct academic benefits that make the UCA experience unique. Just a few of the advantages of our program include:

  • Expert Faculty who cultivate an active learning environment through small seminar and group style classes to hone writing skills and prepare students for careers in professional writing and other fields in which writing skills are essential. – UCA professors care about the success of their students, working with them both inside and outside the classroom, providing them with individual academic attention and vocational mentoring. Our faculty are also deeply committed professional writers who routinely publish in a range of genres, subjects, and mediums, and who impart their experience in this process to their students.
  • Hands-On Learning through engagement in the UCA campus culture as well as the local community of Conway. – Students have the opportunity to contribute their skills and meet fellow writers through working as tutors in the UCA Writing Center or through working as writers and editors for the undergraduate literary magazine, the Vortex, which from year to year consistently wins a number of state and national awards. There are also opportunities to write for and edit publications such as 501 Life, a news and lifestyle magazine for Central Arkansas residents. Students can even participate in service learning projects, such as the creation of a writing center at an area middle school.
  • Professional Development beginning immediately in the freshmen year with the AfterWords Writing Competition, in which new members of the UCA writing community submit their best work for competitive critique and share their contributions with professors and peers through public readings. – Additionally, UCA hosts the ArkaText Festival, a weeklong series of workshops and presentations by faculty and visiting professional writers. The university also attracts a number of Writers in Residence each year who provide mentoring, critiques, and master classes for writing students. Furthermore, the Writing Department publishes the Toad Suck Review, an award-winning national literary journal, and UCA also hosts the Oxford American. Both publications offer internship opportunities for students.
  • Career and Graduate School Opportunities are as diverse as our graduates who receive numerous job offers in fields such as international business, arts management, ESL, government, education, multimedia communications, library science, and professional writing, editing, and publishing. Many of our graduates also continue on to pursue graduate studies in creative writing, linguistics, education, composition, rhetoric, journalism, media, English, and law.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities for personal and professional development available to you through the Writing major at the University of Central Arkansas, visit http://uca.edu/writing/degrees-and-programs/.