Middle Level Education (Grades 4-8)

The transitional years between childhood and adolescence are critical to a child’s development. If you want to teach students in this age group and are a caring, energetic, and creative person, the Middle Level Education major at the University of Central Arkansas can prepare you with the skills and experience you need to impact the lives of your students with patience, support, and a passion for learning. Our degree provides a broad instructional methodology for teaching Grades 4-8 as well as a more specific pedagogy for middle school grades, both of which have tracks that focus in either Mathematics and Science (which is particularly in demand in the current job market) or Language Arts and Social Studies. Your degree will prepare you to enter graduate and professional programs, or begin your career as a middle level teacher with the ability to test up or down into other grades.

As a Middle Level Education major at UCA, you’ll have access to all of the distinct advantages that make the UCA experience special. Just a few of the benefits of our program include:

  • Expert Faculty who model the active engagement, individual attention, and caring support they want their students to embody as teachers. They offer small, rigorous courses that truly prepare students for their future careers through a balance of theoretical and applied learning, which demonstrates flexible scheduling, teaming, and interdisciplinary teaching.
  • Hands-On Learning beginning in the first semester with field experience, such as interviewing and interacting with teachers and observing classes individually or in small groups. This introduction allows students the opportunity to get comfortable in their new environment before their internships begin. Our program requires two levels of internship prior to graduation, the first of which includes half-day student teaching, mentor teaching, lesson planning, and co-teaching of classes at a community school site. The second level is a full-time student teaching position in the local school system, which gives students the practice and guidance they will need to teach their own classes.
  • Professional Networking with innovators in education through student organizations, such as Teachers United, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Collegiate Middle Level Association, and Kappa Delta Pi, which brings speakers to campus and promotes service learning projects in the local community. These clubs offer students the opportunity to meet and work with teachers and education professionals, local schools, and each other to build strong social and professional relationships with their peers and future colleagues.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities for personal and professional development available to you through the Middle Level Education major at the University of Central Arkansas, visit http://uca.edu/teaching/middlelevel/.